10-07 PDT
[Ended] [Summon] Craft Essence Recollection Pickup 1 Summon

* The cards featured with an increased drop rate in this Pickup Summon are Craft Essences only.
No Servants will have an increased drop rate.

"Craft Essence Recollection Pickup 1 Summon" Period:
2021-10-10 21:00 - 10-24 20:59 PDT

For a limited time, the "Craft Essence Recollection Pickup 1 Summon" will be available!

The 66 Limited Time Craft Essences originally available from Pickup Summons held from August 2017's "Moon Goddess Event Pickup Summon" through November 2018's "Christmas 2018 Pickup Summon" will be featured as Pickup Craft Essences!

Please tap the "Summon Info" button at the bottom left corner of the Saint Quartz Summon screen for a full list of available Servants and Craft Essences.

Each 11x Summon is guaranteed to include one ★4 (SR) or above card and one ★3 (R) or above Servant!

* The guaranteed ★4 (SR) or above card can be either a Servant or a Craft Essence.
* The distribution rate for the guaranteed ★3 (R) or above Servant will differ from that listed on the "Summon Info" screen.

* In-game graphics may vary from the images used within this article.

About Featured Servants:
* Limited Time Servants and Servants added to Saint Quartz Summon through story progress will not be summonable.

About Featured Craft Essences:
* Permanent Craft Essences available from Story Summon and Friend Point Summon will not be summonable.
* The Limited Time ★3 (R) Craft Essences included in this Pickup Summon will not be summonable from Friend Point Summon.




"Craft Essence Recollection Pickup 1 Summon" Craft Essence List:

Original Pickup Summon Rarity Craft Essence
Does Moon Goddess Dream of Dumplings? ★★★★★Moon Goddess' Bath
★★★★Moony Jewel
The Adventure of Singing Pumpkin Castle - Mad Party 2017 ★★★★★Little Halloween Devil
★★★★Halloween Arrangement
GUDAGUDA Honnoji ★★★★★GUDAGUDA Poster Girl
★★★★After-Party Order!
★★★Fate GUDAGUDA Order
Almost Weekly Santa Alter ★★★★★Present for My Master
★★★★March of the Saint
★★★Lightning Reindeer
New Year Pickup Summon (Daily) ★★★★★Grand New Year
★★★★Heroic New Year
★★★Peacefulness of 2018
★★★Law of the Jungle
SABER WARS - The Caliburn Awakens ★★★★★The Crimson Land of Shadows
★★★★Mikotto! Bride Training
Chocolate Lady's Commotion Valentine's 2018 ★★★★★Street Choco-Maid
★★★Valentine Dojo of Tears
Collaboration Event "the Garden of sinners/the Garden of Order" ★★★★★Mature Gentleman
★★★★★Grand Puppeteer
★★★★Vivid Dance of Fists
★★★★Mystic Eyes of Distortion
★★★Repeat Magic
CHALDEA BOYS COLLECTION 2018 Pickup Summon (Daily) ★★★★★Kiss Your Hand
★★★★★Teacher and I
★★★★Beasts Under the Moon
★★★★Glass Full Sweet Time
★★★★Noisy Obsession
★★★Salon de Marie
★★★Prince of Slayer
Challenge Event! The Demonic Capital: Rashomon ★★★★★A Fox Night's Dream
★★★★Burning Tale of Love
★★★Reciting the Subscription List
Sanzang Coming to the West ★★★★★Go West!!
★★★★True Samadhi Fire
★★★All Three Together
The Great Tale of Demons: Onigashima ★★★★★Dumplings Over Flowers
★★★★Faithful Companions
★★★Hidden Sword: Pheasant Reversal
FGO Summer Festival 2018 - 1st Anniversary ★★★★★Leisure Stroll
★★★★★Partake with the King
★★★★Goldfish Scooping
★★★Fire Flower
Summer! Ocean! Pioneering! FGO Summer 2018: Chaldea Summer Memory - The White Beach of Relaxation - ★★★★★Pirates Party!
★★★★Twilight Memory
★★★Shiny Goddess
Summer! Ocean! Pioneering! FGO Summer 2018: Chaldea Heat Odyssey - Civilization of Evolution - ★★★★★Knights of Marines
★★★★Meat Wars
★★★Shaved Ice (Void's Dust Flavor)
Collaboration Event "Magical Girl Cruise - PRISMA CODES" ★★★★★Magical Girl of Sapphire
★★★★Kill on Sight
★★★Zunga Zunga!
The Return of Nero Fest - Autumn 2018 ★★★★★Glory Is With Me
★★★★Original Legion
★★★Howl at the Moon
Halloween Comeback! Super☆Ghouls 'n Pumpkins - The Seeds of Adventure ★★★★★Dangerous Beast
★★★★Witch Under the Moonlight
★★★Count Romani Archaman's Hospitality
The Little Santa Alter - Christmas 2018 ★★★★★A Moment of Tranquility
★★★★Reading on the Holy Night
★★★Saint's Invitation

The "Craft Essence Recollection Campaign" and the limited time "Craft Essence Recollection Pickup 2 Summon" are also ongoing!

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