08-17 UTC
[Ended] Does Moon Goddess Dream of Dumplings?




Event Period:
2017-08-17 8:00 ~ 08-24 3:59 UTC (Fixed on August 17th)

A limited time event featuring a brand new story written by Kinoko Nasu!
Try to solve the mystery surrounding an enigmatic Servant who appears on the night of the Moon Festival!


How to Participate:
Challenge the event quests at Chaldea Gate, and collect the two types of dumplings that drop from the quests.
Collect enough Special Dumplings to unlock the event story. You can exchange Moon Dumplings for amazing prizes!

Event Eligibility:
Only Masters who have completed the tutorial may participate in the event.


Hints and Strategies:
By equipping the new event Craft Essences "Moonlight Fest," "Moon Goddess' Bath," "Moony Jewel," and "Mooncell Automaton," you can acquire more dumplings from the event! Please check below for more details.



Moonlight Fest
ATK 250 (MAX: 1000) HP 375 (MAX: 1500)
Increase your C. Star drop rate and Critical Strength by 15% +
increase Dumpling drop amount by 3
["Does Moon Goddess Dream of Dumplings?" Limited Time Event]


How to Exchange:
Exchange Period: Until 2017-08-31 3:59 UTC
* At the end of the exchange period, Special Dumplings and Moon Dumplings will disappear.

You can exchange Moon Dumplings for the following items via the "Exchange Event Items" menu in the Da Vinci Workshop.


100,000 QP

[EXP Cards]
Fire of Wisdom ★3 (R)
Blaze of Wisdom ★4 (SR)

[Ascension Materials]
Archer Piece
Rider Piece
Assassin Piece
Archer Monument
Rider Monument
Assassin Monument

[Status Cards]
Hero Crystal: Star Fou
★3 (R) ALL HP Up Card
Hero Crystal: Sun Fou
★3 (R) ALL ATK Up Card

[Event Limited Craft Essence]
Moonlight Fest



Moon Goddess Event Pickup Summon Period:
2017-08-17 8:00 ~ 08-31 3:59 UTC (Fixed on August 17th)

Moon Goddess Event Pickup Summon has started!
Servant "★5 (SSR) Orion" is now available!
Three Craft Essences that increase Dumpling drop amount in event quests will also be available! By equipping multiples cards of these Craft Essences, you can increase your drop amount up to 700%!

A New Servant, Craft Essences, Limited Time Craft Essences, and 4 Pickup Servants will have increased drop rates!

10x Summon will have 1 guaranteed ★4 (SR) or above card and 1 guaranteed ★3 (R) or above Servant!
* Guaranteed ★4 (SR) or above card will be either a Servant or a Craft Essence.
* "Increased drop rate" indicates the featured cards will have higher drop rates than Servants or Craft Essences of the same rarity.

New Servant:

★★★★★SSR Archer
MAX ATK 11107 MAX HP 14553
Noble Phantasm
Tri-Star Amore Mio

Event Limited Craft Essences:

Moon Goddess' Bath
ATK 0 (MAX: 0) HP 500 (MAX: 2000)
Restore your HP by 500 per turn +
increase Dumpling drop amount by 100%
["Does Moon Goddess Dream of Dumplings?" Limited Time Event]


Moony Jewel
ATK 0 (MAX: 0) HP 600 (MAX: 2250)
Increase your Charm resistance by 80% +
increase Dumpling drop amount by 2
["Does Moon Goddess Dream of Dumplings?" Limited Time Event]

New Craft Essence:

Mooncell Automaton
ATK 200 (MAX: 1000) HP 0 (MAX: 0)
Increase all your Command Cards' effectiveness by 3%
+ increase Dumpling drop amount by 1
["Does Moon Goddess Dream of Dumplings?" Limited Time Event]

Pickup Servants:

★★★★SR Assassin
MAX ATK 8985 MAX HP 11518
Noble Phantasm
Smile of the Stheno

★★★★SR Rider
Marie Antoinette
MAX ATK 8293 MAX HP 12348
Noble Phantasm
Guillotine Breaker

★★★R Rider
MAX ATK 7076 MAX HP 9028
Noble Phantasm
Dan-No-Ura Eight-Boat Leap

★★★R Assassin
Jing Ke
MAX ATK 7207 MAX HP 8293
Noble Phantasm
Just, Kill