08-15 PDT
[Summon] Start Dash Guaranteed Summon

We have added a new "Start Dash Guaranteed Summon", which guarantees one Limited Time ★5 (SSR) Servant out of those who were added to the game during Main Story Part 1.
(Updated on August 15th)

Date of Addition:
2023-08-15 01:00 PDT (GMT -7) * For new Masters, the new feature will become available for 30 days upon clearing "Singularity F: Flame Contaminated City, Fuyuki – Section 3 – Progress Node 1". * For Masters who were already playing the game, the "Start Dash Guaranteed Summon" will become available for 30 days upon your first login after the new feature is added. * The "Start Dash Guaranteed Summon" will disappear from the "Summon" screen after you perform it or 30 days pass without performing it. * You can check the time remaining until the "Start Dash Guaranteed Summon" disappears on the Saint Quartz Summon screen, as shown below.

Please tap the "Summon Info" button at the bottom left corner of the Saint Quartz Summon screen for a full list of available Servants and Craft Essences.

One Limited Time ★5 (SSR) Servant, one ★4 (SR) or above card, and one ★3 (R) or above Servant are guaranteed!
* The guaranteed ★4 (SR) or above card can be either a Servant or a Craft Essence. * In-game graphics may vary from the images used within this article.

About Saint Quartz:
* 12 Paid Saint Quartz must be used for this Summon. Free Saint Quartz cannot be used. * Extra Saint Quartz included in Saint Quartz purchases are considered free Saint Quartz. They will not count towards your Paid Saint Quartz total. Free and Paid Saint Quartz held can be viewed from the "Item List" in My Room.

About Featured Servants:
* The only ★5 (SSR) Servants summonable from the "Start Dash Guaranteed Summon" will be the Limited Time ★5 (SSR) Servants added to the game before 2018. ★5 (SSR) Servants summonable in Story Summon will not be summonable. * In addition to the one guaranteed ★5 (SSR) Servant, certain ★4 (SR) and ★3 (R) Servants, as well as Craft Essences, will be summonable. * Limited Time Servants of rarity ★4 (SR) and lower will not be summonable. Please be sure to confirm the lineup before summoning. * Servants added to Story Summon through story progression will not be summonable.

About Servant Coins Earned through Summoning:
Each time you acquire a Servant through Limited Time Summon, Story Summon, or Friend Point Summon, you will also receive Servant Coins for that Servant.
>>Click here for more information on Servant Coins.

"Start Dash Guaranteed Summon" Eligible ★5 (SSR) Servants:

Class Rarity Servant
Saber ★★★★★ Nero Claudius (Bride)
★★★★★ Okita Souji
★★★★★ Ryougi Shiki
Archer ★★★★★ Altria Pendragon
★★★★★ Gilgamesh
★★★★★ Ishtar
Lancer ★★★★★ Brynhild
★★★★★ Scáthach
★★★★★ Tamamo-no-Mae
Rider ★★★★★ Iskandar
Caster ★★★★★ Illyasviel von Einzbern
★★★★★ Leonardo da Vinci
★★★★★ Merlin
Assassin ★★★★★ Cleopatra
★★★★★ Mysterious Heroine X
★★★★★ Shuten-Douji
Berserker ★★★★★ Minamoto-no-Raikou
★★★★★ Sakata Kintoki
Ruler ★★★★★ Amakusa Shirou
Avenger ★★★★★ Edmond Dantès
★★★★★ Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)