05-20 PDT
New "Servant Coin" Element Added to the Game!

"Servant Coins" have been added to the game as a new element of Servant Enhancement!
"Servant Coins" will be awarded when you acquire a Servant through Summoning or a Servant's Bond Level increases.
If you have a Servant whose level has been raised to Lv. 100 through Palingenesis, you can use their "Servant Coins" to raise their Level Cap even further, to an additional maximum of Lv. 120!
You can also unlock Append Skills, which will automatically go into effect during battle. * Servant Coins, Holy Grails, and QP will be necessary to raise a Servant's Level Cap past Lv. 100.

Use "Servant Coins" to strengthen your favorite Servants even further!

New Element Release Date:
2022-05-23 01:00 PDT

About Servant Coins for ★5 (SSR) and ★4 (SR) Servants Previously Acquired and Previous Bond Level Increases:
* For "★5 (SSR)" and "★4 (SR)" Servants you acquired before the new element was introduced, the amount of Servant Coins based on the number of times you Summoned each Servant will be sent to your Present Box.
Servants already Burned (Sold) will also be counted.
* For Servants whose Bond Level increased before the new element was introduced, the amount of Servant Coins for each Servant's Bond Level will be sent to your Present Box. * Servant Coins will also be awarded for Servants who you acquired through Unregistered Spirit Origin exchange or Servant Exchange. * There will be no time limit to claim the Servant Coins from your Present Box.

* The "Servant Coins" sent to your Present Box will not be counted towards the Present Box item limit.
Even if your Present Box contains the maximum number of items (350), you can claim the Servant Coins and no items will be deleted for exceeding the item limit.
(Fixed on May 22nd)

How to Get Servant Coins

Servant Coins will be granted in the following cases. - When you Summon a Servant - When a Servant's Bond Level increases - Through Limited Time Events, campaigns, etc.

The number of Servant Coins awarded in each case is listed below.

* The number of Servant Coins available through Limited Time Events, campaigns, etc. will differ for each event and campaign.

Summon Type Eligible Servant Rarity Servant Coins Awarded
Saint Quartz Summon Limited Time Servant ★★★★★ 90
★★★★ 50
★★★ 30
Story Summon Servant ★★★★★ 90
★★★★ 50
★★★ 30
Permanent Servant ★★★★★ 90
★★★★ 30
★★★ 15
Friend Point Summon Permanent Servant ★★★★ 30
★★★ 15
★★ 6

Servant Coins Awarded with Bond Level Increase:

Bond Level Servant Coins Awarded
Lv. 1 - Lv. 6 5 at each level
Lv. 7 - Lv. 9 10 at each level
Lv. 10 - Lv. 15 20 at each level

* For Mash Kyrielight only, the number of Servant Coins awarded with Bond Level increase will differ from other Servants.

About Acquiring Servant Coins:
* Servant Coins will not be awarded when a Limited Servant joins your roster through rewards for Limited Time Events, Main Interludes, or quests unlocked from "Exchange Rare Prisms" in the Da Vinci Workshop. * We are planning further opportunities to earn Servant Coins for Event Limited Servants. * You can check the Servant Coins you hold from the "Servant Coin Inventory" in My Room.

About the Servant Temporarily Added with the "17 Million Downloads Celebration Ticket": * The Servant Coins for the temporarily added ★5 (SSR) Servant will be added directly to your Servant Coin inventory when the Servant is officially added to your roster.

How to Use Servant Coins

You can use the Servant Coins you collect, along with items and QP, to strengthen your Servants as follows.

Enhancement with Servant Coins:

Details Items Required
Raise a Servant's Level Cap past Lv. 100
* Level Cap increases by two levels each time (up to Lv. 120)
Servant Coin x30
Holy Grail x1
Unlock Append Skills
* A maximum of three Append Skills can be unlocked.
Servant Coin x120

About Using Servant Coins: * Through "Raise a Servant's Level Cap past Lv. 100", you can spend Servant Coins, Holy Grails, and QP to raise the Level Cap of a Servant already Enhanced to Lv. 100 even further, up to a maximum of Lv. 120. * When you raise a Servant's Level Cap to Lv. 102 or further, the frame of their Saint Graph will change. When you Enhance them all the way to Lv. 120, the Holy Grail icon displayed in the Saint Graph will change. * "Unlock Append Skills" cannot be performed for Servants who have temporarily joined your roster. * Once you have unlocked an Append Skill, you can Enhance it further by expending Skill Enhancement Materials and QP. * You can check unlocked and Enhanced Append Skills on the Servant Details screen and the Servant Status screen in battle.

New Skill Enhancement and Ascension Materials!

* The four items listed above will be available as battle drops from enemies to be added in upcoming Main Quest chapters.
We have opportunities planned to gather the four new items through events, etc., until the release of new Main Quest chapters and Free Quests.

About Other Materials Used for Enhancement: * With these new features added, you may want to collect more QP and embers than ever. With this in mind, we have some updates coming soon for the daily Ember Gathering and Enter the Treasure Vault quests.
The release date and other details for these updates will be announced at a later date.