[Useful Tips for Beginners!] 5. Class Affinity is important!

Useful Tips for Beginners!

In this post, we will explain the gameplay system for players who have just started in the world of "Fate/Grand Order!"
Let's learn how to play Fate/Grand Order together!

Class Affinity is important!

This time, we'll spend some time talking about "Class Affinity," which is a key factor in achieving victory in battles.

In a Holy Grail War, Servants will be summoned in one of the seven Classes: "Saber," "Archer," "Lancer," "Rider," "Caster," "Assassin," and "Berserker."
However, there are cases where Extra Class Servants will be summoned, such as "Shielder" and "Ruler."

Each Servant Class has advantages and disadvantages against other Classes.
During battles, Servants in the advantageous Class will deal more damage to and receive less damage from enemies in the disadvantageous Class.

On the flip side, Servants in the disadvantageous Class will deal less damage and receive more damage from enemies in the advantageous Class.

When you face a powerful enemy, forming your party with Class Affinity in mind should greatly increase your chance of winning the battle.

You can check which Class of enemies you will be facing on the "Select Support" screen.

Berserkers will both deal and receive more damage from all Classes, except "Shielder."

Shielder's damage dealt and received are not affected by any other Class.

Ruler will receive less damage from all Classes except "Shielder" and "Berserker."

Class Affinity is crucial in battles. Remembering them all will surely help you be victorious in battles!
You can check Class Affinity during battle by tapping the "Battle Menu."

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