[Useful Tips for Beginners!] 4. What is Support Setup?

Useful Tips for Beginners!

In this post, we will explain the gameplay system for players who have just started in the world of "Fate/Grand Order!" Let's learn how to play Fate/Grand Order together!

What is Support Setup?
Support Setup is where you set up the Servants you would like your friends or other Masters to bring into battle.

How to set up Support Servants

1. From "MENU" in the lower right corner of the Terminal screen, choose "Formation."

2. Tap "Support Setup."

3. At the Support Setup screen, you can select Support Servants and Craft Essences for each Class.

4. Furthermore, in the "ALL" slot, you can set any Servant regardless of their Class.

5. You can set up to 8 Servants as your Support Servants.

When your friends or other Masters bring one of your Support Servants into battle, you will gain Friend Points as a reward.

How to select a Support Servant

1. On top of the Select Support screen, there is a "Switch Class" button.

2. By tapping the "Switch Class" button or tapping each Class Icon, you can switch to the support list of a specific Class.

Pay attention to the enemy's Class tendency, and then select the best Support Servant! It will help you in your battle.

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