[Useful Tips for Beginners!] 3. What is a Noble Phantasm?

Useful Tips for Beginners!

In this post, we will explain the gameplay system for players who have just started in the world of "Fate/Grand Order!"
Let's learn how to play Fate/Grand Order together!

This time, we will introduce the powerful "Noble Phantasm!"
All Servants possess a powerful skill called "Noble Phantasm."

↑Emiya activating his Noble Phantasm.

Noble Phantasms come with many different abilities such as
dealing damage or applying debuffs to enemies.
Some Noble Phantasms can heal your party members!

First, let's fill the NP Gauge to 100%!

By using at least 100% of the NP Gauge,
a Servant can activate their Noble Phantasm.

The easiest way to fill a NP Gauge
is by choosing "Arts" cards for attacks.

An "Arts Chain" will occur when picking 3 Arts cards to attack,
which will fill the NP Gauge even faster!

Once an "Arts Chain" occurs, all Servants participating in combat that phase
will fill their NP Gauge by 20%!

Attacking using "Quick" cards or receiving damage from enemies will also slightly fill the NP Gauge.

How to increase damage for Noble Phantasms

A Noble Phantasm can deal more damage by increasing its "NP Level."

By combining identical Servants together at "Menu" → "Enhance" → " Noble Phantasm", you can increase the NP Level of that Servant.

All NP Levels start out at 1, and can be increased up to 5.
A Noble Phantasm's damage increases along with its NP Level.

Also, when you increase NP Level, you can charge a NP Gauge past 100%.
When the NP Level is between 2 to 4, you can charge the NP Gauge up to 200%.
When the NP Level reaches 5, you can charge the NP Gauge up to 300%!

When the NP Gauge is charged at 200% or 300%, it is called "Overcharge."

By "Overcharging" your NP Gauge, a Noble Phantasm will receive additional bonuses such as increased damage or additional effects.
* The Overcharge effect varies based on the Noble Phantasm.

If you possess multiple copies of the same Servant, it's recommended you use them to increase their NP Level.

Noble Phantasms are the representation of each Servant's legends before they became Heroic Spirits, reflecting one's existence and the way they lived, therefore, the effects differ from Servant to Servant.

Knowing your enemy's Noble Phantasm effect can also greatly benefit you in battle!

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