[Useful Tips for Beginners!] 1. Let's Make Your Servants More Powerful!

In this post, we will explain the gameplay system for players who have just started in the world of "Fate/Grand Order!"
Let's learn how to play "Fate/Grand Order" together!

◆Level up Servants

By increasing your Servant's level, their stats will increase and they will become more powerful.
The best way to level a Servant is by playing the "Ember Gathering" Daily Quests!
Your Servants earn more experience when the same class Embers are used as materials!


When you level your Servants to their level cap,
you can spend specific materials and QP to increase their level cap by 10!

By performing Ascension, the Servant's card illustration will change as well!
Power up your Servants, and progress through quests!

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