[Ended] [Campaign] Advent Calendar 2023

Christmas is just around the corner!
We can’t wait to spend the season with all Masters again this year.
To show our gratitude, we've prepared this year's special Advent Calendar!
Be sure to log in every day to receive all of the presents.
For more information, please see the special site!

Campaign Period:
2023-11-30 20:00 - 12-25 23:59 PST (GMT -8)

All Masters will be eligible to receive the presents.
* New Masters must clear "Singularity F: The Flame Contaminated City Fuyuki - Section 3, Part 1" to receive the presents.

Special Site:
(Updated on December 1st)

* The first present will be distributed starting from 2023-11-30 20:00 PST (GMT -8). * One present will be distributed each day at 20:00 PST (GMT -8). * In the event that maintenance is conducted during the campaign period, that day’s present will be distributed starting at the end of the maintenance period. * A different present will be distributed each day. You will not be able to receive a specific day’s present if you do not log in that day. * You will still be able to receive further presents even if your login streak is broken. * It may not be possible to receive all presents depending on when you first start playing the game.

Once again, we've prepared a special present for Christmas Day.
Please look forward to it!