[Ended] [Event] Collaboration Event Revival "Revival: the Garden of sinners/the Garden of Order"

Event Period:
2020-02-18 00:00 - 03-01 19:59 PST

Event Summary:
Fate/Grand Order's first ever collaboration event is back as "Revival: the Garden of sinners/the Garden of Order"!
The heroine of Kinoko Nasu's "the Garden of sinners," Ryougi Shiki, appears in the world of Fate/Grand Order!
Limited Time Servant "★4 (SR) Ryougi Shiki (Assassin)" will temporarily join your party, fighting by your side as you clear the map and uncover the secret of the mysterious distortion near Singularity F!

This event's expansive script is penned by none other than the original author! Enjoy a story that could only be possible in a collaboration event!

* This is a "revival" version of the 2018 Limited Time Collaboration Event "the Garden of sinners/the Garden of Order." Certain elements have been adjusted for a more enjoyable experience.

Event Eligibility:
Only Masters who have completed "Singularity F: Flame Contaminated City, Fuyuki" may participate in the event.

"Revival: the Garden of sinners/the Garden of Order" will require you to complete missions such as "gather a certain amount of an item" or "defeat a certain type of enemy." Clear these missions to receive lavish rewards!
In addition, completing certain missions will unlock new missions and event quests.

* Please note that new missions or spots on the map will not be unlocked until you claim the related mission rewards.

(Fixed on February 17th)

Hints and Strategies, Part 1:
Equip the Limited Time Craft Essences "Mature Gentleman," "Grand Puppeteer," "Mystic Eyes of Distortion," "Vivid Dance of Fists," "Sprinter," and "Repeat Magic," available through the ongoing Pickup Summon, to gain a bonus to the amount per drop for the event items Black Cat Figurine, Strawberry Ice Cream, or Mineral Water!

* Please be aware that the item drop rate is not 100%, regardless of the quest.

Hints and Strategies, Part 2:
Some event missions will require you to defeat a certain number of one type of enemy. Equip the Event Limited Craft Essences "Decapitating Bunny 2018," "Threefold Barrier," "Summer's Precognition," and "Chorus" to increase the chance that additional enemies of a certain type will appear in battle!

* Please note that the maximum chance of additional enemy appearance is 100%, even if a total higher than 100% is displayed.

Decapitating Bunny 2018
ATK 500 (MAX: 2000) HP 0
Apply Ignore Invincible & increase Quick card effectiveness by 8% for yourself + increase appearance rate of [Vengeful Spirit of Seven People] enemies by 25% [Event Only]

Threefold Barrier
ATK 0 HP 750 (MAX: 3000)
Reduce damage taken by 1000 (3 times) for yourself + increase appearance rate of [Base Model] enemies by 25% [Event Only]

Summer's Precognition
ATK 0 HP 600 (MAX: 2250)
Apply Evade (1 time) & increase C. Star Drop Rate by 15% for yourself + increase appearance rate of [Living Corpse] enemies by 25% [Event Only]

ATK 200 (MAX: 750) HP 320 (MAX: 1200)
Increase C. Star Gather Rate by 300% (3 turns) & increase Debuff Resist by 15% (3 turns) for yourself + increase appearance rate of [Apartment Ghost] [Skeleton] enemies by 25% [Event Only]

About Ascension:
Use the ascension material "Sharp Knife," available only through mission rewards during the event, to perform Ascension four times and see the final Saint Graph!

* Ryougi Shiki (Assassin)'s battle sprite will not change with Ascension level.

Event Limited Craft Essence EXP Card "Kuji Kanesada":

This Craft Essence EXP Card, available as an event quest reward, can be used to greatly strengthen other Craft Essences!
Clear quests and use this opportunity to enhance your favorite Craft Essences!

See "★4 (SR) Ryougi Shiki (Assassin)" in action on YouTube, where we're sharing an exclusive video of her Noble Phantasm!

Exchange Period:
2020-02-18 00:00 - 03-05 19:59 PST
* Please note that the Exchange Period after the end of the event will be shorter than usual.
* Black Cat Figurine, Strawberry Ice Cream, and Mineral Water will disappear at the end of the Exchange Period.

Event items can be exchanged for the following items through "Event Item Exchange," accessible from the "Event Rewards" button in the upper right corner of the Terminal.
* Hero Crystal: Meteor Fou ALL ★4 (HP) will become available for exchange after you clear the Main Quest of "Revival: the Garden of sinners/the Garden of Order."

Items Obtainable with Black Cat Figurine:

[Event Limited Craft Essence]
 ★5 (SSR) "Decapitating Bunny 2018"

[Skill Enhancement & Ascension Materials]
 Cursed Beast Gallstone
 Claw of Chaos
 Phoenix Feather

[Skill Enhancement Materials]
 Secret Gem of Saber
 Secret Gem of Archer
 Secret Gem of Lancer
 Secret Gem of Rider
 Secret Gem of Caster
 Secret Gem of Assassin
 Secret Gem of Berserker

[Other Items]
 Hero Crystal: Meteor Fou ALL ★4 (HP)
 Mana Prism

Items Obtainable with Strawberry Ice Cream:

[Event Limited Craft Essence]
 ★5 (SSR) "Threefold Barrier"

[Skill Enhancement & Ascension Materials]
 Tearstone of Blood
 Eternal Gear
 Ghost Lantern

[Skill Enhancement Materials]
 Magic Gem of Saber
 Magic Gem of Archer
 Magic Gem of Lancer
 Magic Gem of Rider
 Magic Gem of Caster
 Magic Gem of Assassin
 Magic Gem of Berserker

[Other Items]
 Hero Crystal: Meteor Fou ALL ★4 (HP)
 Black Cat Figurine

Items Obtainable with Mineral Water:

[Event Limited Craft Essences]
 ★4 (SR) "Summer's Precognition"
 ★4 (SR) "Chorus"

[Skil Enhancement & Ascension Materials]
 Void's Dust
 Stake of Wailing Night

[Skill Enhancement Materials]
 Gem of Saber
 Gem of Archer
 Gem of Lancer
 Gem of Rider
 Gem of Caster
 Gem of Assassin
 Gem of Berserker

[Other Items]
 Hero Crystal: Meteor Fou ALL ★4 (HP)
 Hero Crystal: Star Fou ALL ★3 (HP)
 Hero Crystal: Sun Fou ALL ★3 (ATK)
 Blaze of Wisdom ALL ★4 (SR)
 Fire of Wisdom ALL ★3 (R)
 Strawberry Ice Cream

Masters who have cleared "Final Singularity" will be eligible to challenge a High Difficulty "Challenge Quest" after clearing "Rooftop" within the Limited Time Event "Revival: the Garden of sinners/the Garden of Order."
A certain NPC Servant will appear to assist you in this Challenge Quest.
Please note that you will not be able to use Friends' Support Servants for this quest.

The Challenge Quest will remain available for the duration of the event period even after being cleared. Enjoy challenging it as many times as you like with different Servants and Craft Essences.
* Quest clear rewards, dropped items, Master EXP, Mystic Code EXP, and Bond Points will only be rewarded for the first clear.

Challenge Quest Release Date:
2020-02-24 20:00 PST

Challenge Quest Eligibility:
Masters who have fulfilled the following conditions may participate.
- Clear "Revival: the Garden of sinners/the Garden of Order - Rooftop"
- Clear "Final Singularity"

Challenge Quest Clear Rewards (First Time Only):
Crystallized Lore ×1

The official trailer for "Revival: the Garden of sinners/the Garden of Order" is now available on YouTube!

The Revival: the Garden of sinners Collaboration Pickup Summon (Daily) is also ongoing!
See the article linked below for more details.