Regarding 04-23 Game Update

Thank you for playing "Fate/Grand Order."
This is an announcement from the Chaldea Public Relations Department regarding the game update scheduled for 2019-04-23 PDT.
We would like to introduce a few of the most important changes you will be seeing after the update.

* Please note that all screenshots are of the development version.

◆New Functionality:

1. Update to battle screen making it possible to return to the Tactical Phase from the Command Phase:

The newly implemented "Back" button on the bottom right of the screen will allow you to return to the Tactical Phase from the Command Phase.

With this change, Critical Star distribution will be first displayed during the Tactical Phase, instead of the Command Phase.

* Critical Star distribution will not change upon return to the Tactical Phase from the Command Phase. However, when skills that increase Critical Star accumulation or Master Skills like "Order Change" or "Command Shuffle" that affect the distribution of stars or Command Cards are used, Critical Stars will be redistributed.
* If you have accumulated more than 50 Critical Stars, the number left over after distribution will be displayed in gray. Please note that these stars will NOT carry over to the next turn.
* When a skill that grants Critical Stars is used, newly gained stars will be distributed on top of the already distributed Critical Stars.
* When a skill that consumes Critical Stars is used, stars will be consumed first from any excess, then from stars distributed to Command Cards.

2. "Drag and Select" function added to certain screens within "Formation," "Enhancement," and "Shop":

On certain screens within "Formation," "Enhancement," and "Shop," this function will allow you to hold and drag to rapidly select multiple Servants or Craft Essences at once.
Holding and dragging on selected Spirit Origins will deselect them.

* Servants included in a party will not be drag selectable.
* Locked and Selected Servants and Craft Essences will not be drag selectable on screens other than Second Archive.

* This function will be available on the following screens.
 - Craft Essence Enhancement (Maximum of 20)
 - Servant Enhancement (Maximum of 20)
 - Burning (Selling) (Maximum of 99)
 - Second Archive (Maximum of 99)

3. Automatic Burning (conversion to Mana Prisms or QP) function added to Friend Point Summon:

You can choose Automatic Burning settings for the EXP cards, Fous, and Craft Essences that drop from Friend Point Summon. The categories selected will automatically be converted to Mana Prisms or QP, with the amount gained displayed on the Summon Results screen.

* Servants will not be eligible for Automatic Burning.
* If you have reached the maximum amount of Mana Prisms or QP, a dialog box will appear before Summon asking you to consume Mana Prisms or QP.
* Please note that this function will be implemented with all categories unselected.
* Craft Essences summoned for the first time will be recorded to your Material as usual, even if they are automatically burned.

4. Craft Essences selectable on the "Craft Essence Enhancement" and "Burning (Sell)" pages updated:

With this update, Craft Essences equipped to a Servant in a party or as Support will become usable as Enhancement materials and available for Burning (Selling).

Before the update, equipped Craft Essences were grayed out and unselectable until removed from all parties and Support formations. After the update, currently equipped Craft Essences will have an icon displayed indicating their status. They will not be grayed out, and will be usable for Enhancement or Burning.

* Locked or Selected Craft Essences will not be affected by this update.

When attempting to use a currently equipped Craft Essence as Enhancement material or when selected for Burning (Selling), a dialog box will appear to confirm that use.

5. Links to Interludes and Rank Up Quests added to Servant Details:

It will become possible to move directly to each Servant's Interlude or Rank Up Quest from convenient links on the Servant Details screen.

6. "Copy Party," "Clear All & Reset Party Name" functions added to Party Setup and Party Confirmation:

The "Copy Party" function will allow you to copy a party formation into another party slot.
Select "Copy Party" from the menu at the bottom of the Party Formation screen to copy the formation.
Please note that if a party is already set in the slot you choose to copy to, that party will be overwritten.

7. "Receive All" filter function added to the Present Box:

This function will allow you to choose various categories of items to be displayed or hidden within the Present Box.

8. First Noble Phantasm use only normal speed option added:

This function will display the Noble Phantasm of a Servant you possess at normal speed the first time it is used, even if battle speed is set to high.
Please note that "first use" will be counted beginning with the implementation of this function.
This function can be turned off from Game Options.

9. Servant-specific Noble Phantasm speed options added:

This option will allow you to set the speed at which an individual Servant's Noble Phantasm is displayed.

Toggle between the following settings within Servant Details.
 [Default] The overall battle speed setting will be applied.
 [Always Normal] This Servant's Noble Phantasm will always be displayed at normal speed, regardless of the overall speed setting.
 [Always High] This Servant's Noble Phantasm will always be displayed at high speed, regardless of the overall speed setting.

◆Improvements to the UI:

1. New Saint Graph backgrounds for most ★1 (C) and ★2 (UC) Servants:

With certain exceptions, rarity "★1 (C)" and "★2 (UC)" Servants will receive updated background graphics for their Saint Graphs.

Below are a few examples.

Eligible Servants:

Class Rarity Servant
Archer Arash
Lancer ★★ Musashibou Benkei
★★ Leonidas I
Rider ★★ Edward Teach
★★ Georgios
Caster Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
★★ William Shakespeare
★★ Hans Christian Andersen
Assassin Sasaki Kojirou
Mata Hari
★★ Charles-Henri Sanson
★★ Hassan of the Cursed Arm
★★ Phantom of the Opera
Berserker Asterios
★★ Eric Bloodaxe
★★ Caligula

2. Icon display size function added to new screens:

The icon display size function, which allows you to display more Servants or Craft Essences at a time, will be newly implemented to the screens listed below.
Tap the icon indicated to toggle between three display sizes.

The newly implemented screens are as follows.
- Party Formation (Servant/Craft Essence selection)
- Support Formation (Servant/Craft Essence selection)
- Spirit Origin List (Servants/Craft Essences)
- Second Archive (Servants/Craft Essences)
[My Room]
- Spirit Origin List (Servants/Craft Essences)

3. Inventory display function added to Battle Results screen:

A new button will be added to the "Items Dropped" screen displayed after a battle, allowing you to toggle display of the amount of the item in question you currently hold.

4. "Previous Quest" icon implemented:

An icon will be displayed on the quest board of the last quest you played.

The above are the main changes included in the update scheduled for 2019-04-23 PDT.

Thank you for your continuing support of "Fate/Grand Order."