[Ended] [Limited Time] Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] Blu-ray Release Commemorative Campaign Part 3

Part 3 of the "Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] THE MOVIE I. presage flower Blu-ray Release Commemorative Campaign" is here!

Campaign Period:
2019-01-20 20:00 - 01-30 19:59 PST

Log in for 7 days to participate in a limited time login bonus campaign, culminating in a commemorative Craft Essence! Featuring Sakura in a special Heroic Costume and illustrated by the animation studio behind FSN [HF], ufotable, you won’t want to miss it!

Be sure to log in for 7 days in a row during the campaign period to receive all the presents!

For Part 3 of this campaign, the featured Craft Essence will be “★4 (SR) Heroic Costume: Jeanne d'Arc”! Don’t forget to log in and claim your presents!

Campaign Period:
2019-01-20 20:00 - 01-30 19:59 PST

Login Streak Presents
1st QP x 250,000
2nd Friend Points x 2,500
3rd Mana Prism x 2
4th QP x 500,000
5th Friend Points x 5,000
6th Mana Prism x 5
7th Craft Essence “★4 (SR) Heroic Costume: Jeanne d'Arc”

* Log in for 7 consecutive days during the above period to receive up to 7 presents.
* If your login streak is broken, you will not be able to receive later presents.
* Login bonuses will be distributed at 20:00 PST each day.
* Depending on when your login streak begins, you may not be able to receive all presents.

Heroic Costume: Jeanne d'Arc
ATK 100 (MAX: 100) HP 100 (MAX: 100)
When a quest is completed, increase the amount of Mystic Code EXP gained by 50

There are four different commemorative Craft Essences, each featuring Sakura in a different Heroic Costume! The last Craft Essence will be distributed during the following period.
The next login bonus period will mark the end of this commemorative campaign!
Collect all four types!

Planned Campaign Period Craft Essence
2019-02-24 20:00 -
03-06 19:59 PST
“★4 (SR) Heroic Costume: Nero Claudius”

* Please note that the campaign period for Part 4 has been updated as of January 17th.
* The following commemorative Craft Essences have already been distributed:
 - ★4 (SR) Heroic Costume: Medusa
 - ★4 (SR) Heroic Costume: Leonardo da Vinci