06-24 PDT
Regarding 06-25 Game Update

Thank you for playing "Fate/Grand Order".
Chaldea PR Department is pleased to announce a large-scale game update scheduled for 2024-06-25 PDT (GMT -7).
Read on for details about changes included in the update.

* All screenshots are of the development version.

New Functionality:

1. "Normal", "Bond", and "Valentine's" Filters Added with a New "Type" Category in Craft Essence Filter Settings!

We will be adding a new "Type" category to "Filter" settings on screens where you select Craft Essences, such as the Party Setup Craft Essence selection screen!
Under "Type", buttons for "Normal", "Bond Lv.", and "Valentine's" will be displayed, and by turning these buttons on, you will be able to display the following Craft Essences.

Displays Craft Essences other than "Bond Lv." and "Valentine's".

"Bond Lv."
Displays Bond Level Reward Craft Essences.

Displays Valentine's gifts (Craft Essences) received through "Get Chocolates" and "Give Chocolates" in Valentine's Day events.

2. Function to Automatically Set Up Parties Based on Class Affinity Added!

With the newly added "Auto Setup" function, parties can now be automatically set up according to quests.
In addition to automatically creating a party based on class affinity according to the content of quests, you can also customize Auto Setup by adding detailed preferences such as rarity and number of Servants that should be included in the party.
The Auto Setup feature can automatically set not only Servants, but also Craft Essences.

Auto Setup Criteria - The party is formed from Servants who are eligible to participate in the quest. - Servants with the highest ATK stat are prioritized after taking class affinity into consideration. - Craft Essences are equipped from the first slot using any remaining Cost after Servants are set. - If "Event Bonus Craft Essences (Individual)" is turned on, rarity will be prioritized. - If "Event Bonus Craft Essences (Individual)" is turned off, and for normal quests, Craft Essences with the highest ATK stat that include NP Gain in their effects will be prioritized.

3. "Rarity" Category Added to Filter Settings

A new "Rarity" category will be added to Filter settings on screens where you select Servants, such as the Servant selection screen when forming a party.
This "Rarity" category will have buttons ranging from ★1 to ★5, and by turning each button on, Servants corresponding to that rarity will be displayed.

4. "Class (Group)" Category Added to Filter Settings

We have added a "Class (Group)" category to Filter settings when selecting Servants, which groups Servants into "Three Knights", "Four Cavalries", "EXTRA I", and "EXTRA II".

* The breakdown of each group is as follows. - Three Knights: Saber, Archer, Lancer - Four Cavalries: Rider, Caster, Assassin, Berserker - EXTRA I: Ruler, Avenger, Moon Cancer, Shielder - EXTRA II: Alter Ego, Foreigner, Pretender

5. EXTRA Classes Can Now Be Filtered Individually in Filter Settings When Selecting Servants

The "Class" category in Filter settings when selecting Servants has been improved by dividing the "Special Class" button to allow for individual filtering of EXTRA classes.
With this improvement, it is now possible to set filters for each of the 14 classes.

UI Improvements:

Banner Designs Updated for Certain Extra Missions and Progress/Completion Notifications!

In the "Extra" tab of Master Missions, we have updated the banner designs of missions whose completion requirements involve a specific class, as well as their progress/completion notifications.

The above are the main changes included in the update scheduled for 2024-06-25 PDT (GMT -7).

Thank you for your continuing support of "Fate/Grand Order".