03-21 PDT
[Ongoing] [Campaign] Advanced Quest: Part 3

A third set of "Advanced Quests" where Masters can test their skills using only Servants in their roster will be permanently added to Chaldea Gate!
Advanced Quests are quests you can challenge multiple times once they have been unlocked. Upon first clear, you will earn a special Craft Essence.

The Advanced Quests will remain available even after being cleared. Enjoy challenging them as many times as you like with different Servants and Craft Essences.

Test your skills by challenging the Advanced Quests with the Servants you have strengthened!
More Advanced Quests will be added in the future!

* Please note that Advanced Quests are battle-only quests. * In-game graphics may vary from the images used within this article.

Date of Addition:
2024-03-24 21:00 PDT (GMT -7)
* Advanced Quests are not limited time quests.

About Advanced Quests:
- Quest clear rewards, dropped items, Master EXP, and Bond Points will only be rewarded for the first clear. - Support Servants cannot be used in Advanced Quests. Your party must be entirely made up of your own Servants. - The "Continue" function will not be available in Advanced Quests.

Clear the Advanced Quests released this time to get Craft Essences that will make it easier to collect certain enhancement items used to strengthen your Servants.
In addition, you can claim your second copy of "★4 (SR) Inexhaustible Mound of Dust" and "★4 (SR) Maledict Bone Mountain" (One copy of each is available through previously released Advanced Quests). Equip multiple copies of these Craft Essences to make claiming those Enhancement items even easier!
Get these Craft Essences and collect Enhancement items!

* You can only claim one Craft Essence from each quest. Further copies will become obtainable at a later point. * Craft Essence skills only change when a Craft Essence has reached Max Limit Break. Please be aware that the Craft Essences made available up until this point do not have enough available copies to reach Max Limit Break.

New Advanced Quests:

Quest Unlock Requirements Clear Rewards
Sorry To Interrupt, But... Clear "First Singularity: Hundred Years' War of the Evil Dragons, Orleans" Craft Essence
★4 (SR) Titanic Fang Totem
Combat Training Program - The Four Knights Clear "Fifth Singularity: North American Myth War, E Pluribus Unum" Craft Essence
★4 (SR) Inexhaustible Mound of Dust
Bone Shattering Clear "Sixth Singularity: Divine Realm of the Round Table, Camelot" Craft Essence
★4 (SR) Maledict Bone Mountain
Titanic Fang Totem
ATK 400 HP 0
Increase chance of (Dragon Fang) drops by 5% <Applied to original drop rate>

Inexhaustible Mound of Dust
ATK 400 HP 0
Increase chance of (Void's Dust) drops by 5% <Applied to original drop rate>

Maledict Bone Mountain
ATK 400 HP 0
Increase chance of (Evil Bone) drops by 5% <Applied to original drop rate>