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[Updated - New Info] [From Chaldea PR Dep't] Anime NYC Exhibit Information

Fate/Grand Order returns to New York for Anime NYC 2023!

Localization Producer Albert Kao takes the stage with special guests Haruki Ishiya (Voice of Beryl Gut), Kengo Kawanishi (Voice of Scandinavia Peperoncino), and Second Section Director of FGO, KANOU YOSHIKI, to discuss the latest information about Fate/Grand Order!

Can’t attend the panel in person? We’ll be livestreaming the whole thing on YouTube!
Fate/Grand Order at Anime NYC 2023 Panel
Date: Saturday, November 18 2023
Time: 6:00 PM EST (GMT -5)
Location: Main Events Hall
Livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5yDVsnWIsk

On the show floor, stop by the Fate/Grand Order booth and participate in our stamp rally! Earn stamps by participating in activities at our booth and redeem your completed stamp card for a special prize, while supplies last!

How to participate:

- Earn one stamp by taking a photo anywhere around the booth and uploading it to social media using the hashtag #FateGOUSA and tagging us. - Earn one stamp by playing our mini-games: Sitonai Snowball Showdown OR Saint Quartz Toss. - Earn one stamp by showing us that you have the English version of Fate/Grand Order installed on your device.

Sitonai Snowball Showdown and Saint Quartz Toss make their debut, giving Masters a chance to test their aim! Attempt these mini-games to earn a stamp for the stamp rally. If you win, you’ll also be taking home a bonus prize, while supplies last!

Various Noble Phantasms will also be available for you and your friends to take photos with, so practice those poses before the weekend!

Our mini-stage will play host to a variety of events during the weekend! Stop by in the morning to sign up for our daily Challenge Quests! Think you’ve truly mastered your roster of Servants? Aim to deal the most damage in our Cost Restriction, Low Rarity, and No Rules Challenge Quests! A special prize awaits the highest damage dealer in each category each day.

Saturday, November 18th welcomes special guest, Second Section Director of FGO, KANOU YOSHIKI!

Finally, Saber, Mash, and Female Protagonist return to greet Masters throughout the weekend! Stop by the booth to see the full schedule.

Fate/Grand Order Booth
Booth #301

Exhibit Hall Hours:
Day 1: 2 PM to 8 PM EST (GMT -5)
Day 2: 10 AM to 7 PM EST (GMT -5)
Day 3: 10 AM to 4 PM EST (GMT -5)

Date: Saturday, November 18 2023
Time: 12:30 PM EST (GMT -5)

Location: Fate/Grand Order Mini-stage (Booth #301)

To commemorate our booth exhibit at Anime NYC 2023, a Maximum Damage Trial Quest will be available within Chaldea Gate for a limited time!

The Maximum Damage Trial Quest is a special quest that records the most damage you inflict on the enemy in a single turn.
It will remain available after you clear it, so you can try out different Servant and Craft Essence combinations as many times as you like.
Additionally, you must form a party of your own Servants only (Support Servants cannot be used).
Now's your chance to show off your prized Servants' abilities to the fullest and set a personal damage record!

* The Maximum Damage Trial Quest will be available within Chaldea Gate. * Total damage will be calculated each time you challenge the quest. The highest damage in one turn will be displayed as your "1 Turn Damage Record" and overwritten each time you break your own record. * Please note that there will be no rewards based on damage amount or other achievements. * Dropped items, Master EXP, Mystic Code EXP, and Bond Points will only be rewarded for the first clear.

Quest Period:
2023-11-16 20:00 - 11-19 19:59 PST (GMT -8)

Only Masters who have completed "Singularity F: Flame Contaminated City Fuyuki" will be eligible to participate.

New tracks will be added to the "Soundtrack" feature available in-game in My Room.

A total of 61 new tracks will be added, covering tracks released in 2022 with Part 2 Chapter 5.5 "Lostbelt No.5.5: Naraka Mandala, Heian-kyo - Thunderous Flash" through those added in 2023 with Part 2 Chapter 6 "Lostbelt No.6: Fae Round Table Domain, Avalon le Fae - The Moment a Planet Is Born", as well as various events.

Release Date:
2023-11-16 20:00 PST (GMT -8)

Fifth Original Soundtrack on Sale 2023-11-20:

"Fate/Grand Order Original Soundtrack Ⅴ", a three-disk set including the 61 tracks added to "Soundtrack" as listed above, will go on sale beginning 2023-11-20!
Please see the page linked below for more information.

(Added November 18th)

We announced new information about "Fate/Grand Order" on 2023-11-18 PST (GMT -8) at "Anime NYC 2023".
Read on for details.

The official trailer for Limited Time Event "Anti-Primate Biosphere, Tunguska Sanctuary" is now available on YouTube.

The trailer will play the first time the app is opened after 2023-11-18 20:00 PST (GMT -8).
* The trailer will be available in Material in My Room after the above date, and will be automatically deleted after a certain period of time.

20 Saint Quartz to Commemorate the "Anime NYC 2023" Exhibit!
To commemorate our participation in "Anime NYC 2023", we'll be distributing 20 Saint Quartz to all Masters!

Distribution Period:
2023-11-18 20:00 - 11-21 19:59 PST (GMT -8)
The rewards will be sent to your Present Box the first time you log in to "Fate/Grand Order" during the period above.

* Rewards cannot be received if you do not log in during the Distribution Period. * Rewards can be claimed only once per account.

Present Details:
Saint Quartz x20

All Masters who have cleared "Singularity F: Flame Contaminated City Fuyuki" by 2023-11-18 19:59 PST (GMT -8). * You must have cleared the Singularity and the "CLEAR" icon must be displayed on the quest banner in the Terminal by the date above to be considered eligible.

"The FGO Thanksgiving Special 2023" Announced!


"The FGO Thanksgiving Special 2023", a special campaign to celebrate Thanksgiving, will begin on 2023-11-21 PST (GMT -8).

"Interlude Campaign 18" Announced!


"Interlude Campaign 18" will begin on 2023-11-26 PST (GMT -8).

"Advent Calendar 2023" Announced!


We announced that we will be holding a special "Advent Calendar" this year as well.

Limited Time Event "The Making of a Christmas Party!" Is on the Way!


We announced the upcoming Limited Time Event "The Making of a Christmas Party!".