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Fate/Grand Order "Grail Front" Basics

This article will explain the basic rules of “Grail Front”, a unique battle conducted on a special battlefield. * Please note that some images on this page are from previous Grail Fronts. As such, images from events that have already ended are included.

First, set up your Grail Front members in the "Prepare Front" phase!

The first thing you'll do in each Grail Front is choose your Mystic Code and the Servants you want to send into battle on the “Prepare Front” screen. Each Grail Front has a predetermined "TOTAL COST". You cannot exceed the "TOTAL COST" when setting your Servants and Craft Essences. However, as long as you set at least once Servant to send into battle, you don't have to set Servants in every space available.
Once you've set up your Servants, tap the "Begin Front" button on the bottom right of the screen to begin the Grail Front.

Grail Fronts progress through alternating player and enemy turns.

In the Player Turn, your side can perform actions on the map, and the enemy will perform actions on the Enemy Turn. The turns will repeat in order as the Grail Front progresses.
A set number of moves is granted at the beginning of each Player Turn and Enemy Turn. Moving the Master or Servants or attacking will expend moves. When you are out of moves or tap the "End of Turn" button on the bottom right side of the screen, the turn will end.
Alternate turns and defeat the enemy Master or defeat all enemy Servants to win the Grail Front.

Differences Between Servants and Masters

You can move both Master and Servants on the Grail Front map. While both can perform basically the same actions by expending moves, there are some differences between Servant and Master, including who they can attack and conditions for victory.

Servants' Break Points

In Grail Front battles, Servants have Break Points, which are expended when their HP reaches 0.
A Servant whose HP is reduced to 0 will retreat from that battle, but upon returning to the map a Break Point will be expended and their HP will be fully recovered. If a Servant's HP is reduced to 0 when they have no Break Points remaining, they will be removed from the map.

Learn how to read the map.

You can check your remaining moves and Servants’ statuses on the Grail Front map screen. Tap an ally Servant's icon to check their status screen.
Touch and hold an ally Servant's icon to display their Servant Details screen.
Touch and hold an enemy Servant's icon to display their status change details.

Servant Level
Gives a basic indication of the Servant’s strength.

Servant Actions
The number of actions that the Servant can perform in one turn.

Break Points
When the Servant's HP is reduced to 0, one Break Point will be expended to restore all HP.
If the HP gauge reaches 0 when no Break Points remain, the Servant will be defeated and removed from the map.

HP Gauge/NP Gauge
The blue gauge shows the Servant's HP. The red gauge shows the Servant's NP.

Craft Essence
The Craft Essence equipped to the selected Servant is displayed here.

Servant Name
The name of the selected Servant is displayed here.

The Servant's current HP and ATK stats are displayed.

Skills the Servant can use are displayed.
If a skill has been used, the number of turns remaining until it can be used again will be displayed.

Status Effects
Icons indicating status effects granted by skills or items on map spaces are displayed.

Number of Crit. Stars
The number of Critical Stars carried over from the last battle and held by the Servant is displayed.

Details Button
You can check more detailed information and any status changes for the selected Servant.

Movement on the Map
Tap an ally Servant or Master to display spaces they can move to and the number of moves that movement will consume. If you then tap one of the indicated spaces, the Servant or Master will move there. As long as they have actions and moves remaining, you can move each Servant and Master multiple times in the same turn.

Switching Servant Spaces
You can switch allies' places by moving to a space with an ally already there.
This counts as two Servants moving, so each Servant will expend one action and the switch will cost ten moves.

"Treasure Chests" hold a variety of rewards.

Some spaces will contain a "Treasure Chest".
They can be acquired by having an ally Servant or Master stop on that space.
The "Treasure Chest" rewards will be granted when you win the Grail Front.
For this reason, you will not gain the "Treasure Chest" rewards if you select "Abandon Front" after acquiring a "Treasure Chest".
Different rarities of "Treasure Chest" will be available. "Treasure Chests" of higher rarity will contain more valuable rewards.

* "Treasure Chest" rewards can only be received once. If you complete a quest after acquiring a "Treasure Chest" and retry the same quest, the "Treasure Chest" will not appear again. * If you complete a quest without acquiring a "Treasure Chest" and retry the same quest, the "Treasure Chest" will appear and you will be able to acquire it. * If you select "Abandon Front" after acquiring a "Treasure Chest", you can reacquire the "Treasure Chest" by retrying the quest. * Even if an enemy Servant or enemy Master stops on a "Treasure Chest" space, the "Treasure Chest" will not be lost and you will still be able to acquire it.

About "Dangerous Enemies"

Maps may have "Dangerous Enemies" who are stronger than normal enemy Servants.
Gather your ally Servants' strength to defeat "Dangerous Enemies"!

* Defeating "Dangerous Enemies" is not necessary for victory in the Grail Front. * Please note that the Grail Front will be considered won once all enemy Servants other than "Dangerous Enemies" are defeated.

A Servant can expend 10 moves to attack an enemy Servant in a space next to them, upon which a battle will begin. When a number of turns equal to the number of attacking Servants has passed, or one side's Servants have all had their HP reduced to 0, you will return to the map.
In a Grail Front battle, you can use skills and select Command Cards as you would in a normal battle. Both allies and enemies will have a turn in the battle, but since the side that began the battle goes first, you'll want to have your allies attack as often as possible to gain an advantage in the fight.
In addition, if there are any Servants in spaces next to the target of an attack, they will also join the battle.
You cannot retreat from battles within a Grail Front.

Battle Participation Example

In the example above, one ally Servant and one enemy Servant are in spaces next to the target of the attack. This attack will begin a two versus two battle.

Skills and Status Effects

You can use each Servant's Skills in Grail Front battles the same as in normal battles.
Master Skills can be used even if the Master is on a space far away from the battle members.
Skill cooldowns, as well as the number of turns or times remaining for status effects granted by skills or Craft Essences, will be carried over when the battle ends while you are in the same map. Each count will resume when the next battle begins.

Crit. Star Carry-over

Critical Stars left unexpended at the end of a battle will be divided evenly among the Servants left on the field. They will be expended at the beginning of that Servant's next battle.
When multiple Servants holding Critical Stars join the same battle, each Servant's Critical Stars are added together at the beginning of battle.