05-01 PDT
Regarding 05-08 Game Update

Thank you for playing "Fate/Grand Order".
Chaldea PR Department is pleased to announce a large-scale game update scheduled for 2023-05-08 PDT (GMT -7).
Read on for details about changes included in the update.

* All screenshots are of the development version.


1. Introduction of Next Singularity Added When Clearing Part 1 Chapters

Within Main Quest Part 1, each time you clear a chapter of the Main Story, a dialogue box introducing the next chapter will be displayed.

2. "Effect Type" Added to Servant Selection Filters

New options will be added to the filters that allow you display only certain Servants during Servant Selection. The new "Effect Type" options will allow you to choose Servants with certain effects included in their Noble Phantasm or Skills.

When certain effects are checked in the "Effect Type" filter, only Servants with those effect types will be displayed.
You can use the "Noble Phantasm" and "Skills" buttons to switch between filter targets.
* Please note that Append Skills will not be detected by this filter.

◆Improvements to the UI:

1. My Room Interface Made Easier to Use

The name and order of certain My Room menu items will be improved as follows.
- "Material" will be divided into "Material (Story)" and "Material (Servants)".
- "Servant Coin Inventory" will be moved into "Material (Servants)"

The above are the main changes included in the update scheduled for 2023-05-08 PDT (GMT -7).

Thank you for your continuing support of "Fate/Grand Order".