05-08 PDT
Scheduled Maintenance Completion Notice (05-07 21:00 PDT)

Thank you for playing "Fate/Grand Order".
The following is a message from the administrative team.

The scheduled maintenance for "Fate/Grand Order" has been completed as of the time listed below.

Please note that server traffic is likely to be quite high during the period immediately after the maintenance.
If you have trouble connecting to the game, we ask that you please try again later. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please be sure to finish any quests or battles you may be engaged in before the maintenance begins.
* Any quests or battles still in progress once the maintenance period begins may be unable to be completed or their rewards may be lost.

Upon completion of the maintenance period, the game may run slower for a short period of time due to increased data usage on the server from the downloading of update files or other reasons.
We ask that you try to download all necessary files once the maintenance is completed.
Furthermore, it is recommended that you download the files while you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

- Date & Time
2023-05-07 21:00 - 05-08 01:00 PDT (GMT -7)

* App Update Please update the app after the maintenance period has finished. (Android, iOS):
The latest version is displayed below.

Android: Ver. 2.46.0
iOS: Ver. 2.46.0

(Fixed on May 8th)

The required update is available from the App Store and Google Play. Please be careful not to uninstall the game.

* If the update button does not appear in Google Play, please clear your Google Play cache and try again.
1. Press the menu key on the home screen and select "Settings".
2. Select "Google Play Store" under "Apps".
3. Select "Clear Cache".
Warning: Please do not tap the "Uninstall Updates" button.
* Menu items may vary depending on your device, so these directions may not apply in all cases.

* If the update button does not appear in the App Store, please take the following steps to display the latest version.
1. Open the App Store.
2. Tap the Profile icon on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
3. Swipe down on the Account window to refresh the list of available updates.
* If the latest version of the app is not displayed after refreshing, please wait a while and try again.

* Contents
1. [Limited Time] Commencement of "Grail Front: My Super Camelot 2023".
2. [Saint Quartz Summon] [Limited Time] Commencement of "Grail Front: My Super Camelot 2023 Pickup Summon".
3. Improvement of translation.

1. The True Name displayed on the Servant Details screen will be updated to match the Ascension Stage (appearance) of the Saint Graph currently displayed.
2. A dialogue box introducing the next chapter of the story will be displayed each time you clear the main story of a chapter in Part 1 of the Main Quest.
3. "Effect" options added to the filter settings on the Select Servant screen.
4. Servants whose Spiritron Dress Wardrobe Key you have not acquired will now be displayed within the Servant List on the Unlock Wardrobe screen, where they were previously hidden due to spoiler concerns.
* If you hold the Servant in question but have not fulfilled their Unlock Wardrobe conditions, they will be displayed in the Servant List as "Key Required".

Improvements to the UI:
1. Moved the items previously listed in "Material" in My Room and the "Servant Coin Inventory" into two items as "Material (Story)" and "Material (Servant)".
2. Changed the names of certain "Effect Types" in the filter options on the Select Command Code screen.
* The affected "Effect Types" are as follows.
- Inflict Poison
- Inflict Burn
- Inflict Curse
- Poison
- Burn
- Curse

As an apology to all of our players affected by the maintenance, we would like to offer the following in-game bonus.

Applies to:
All users playing "Fate/Grand Order" as of 2023-05-07 20:59 PDT (GMT -7)

- Saint Quartz x4

Distribution Method:
Present Box

Distribution Period:
After maintenance, until 2023-10-31 16:59 PDT (GMT -7)

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding.