10-26 PDT
Regarding 10-27 Game Update

Thank you for playing "Fate/Grand Order".
Chaldea PR Department is pleased to announce a large-scale game update scheduled for 2022-10-27 PDT (GMT -7).
Read on for details about changes included in the update.

* All screenshots are of the development version.

◆New Functionality:

1. Easier to Select the Same Party for a Previous Quest

The number of the party you used for each quest will be recorded. A “Previous” icon will be displayed on that party’s page the next time you open the same quest. * Only the party number will be saved. The makeup of the party will not be saved. * There is a limit to the number of quests where this information can be saved. Once you reach this limit, the saved information will be erased starting with the oldest entry. In addition, a new setting will be added to Game Options allowing you to automatically display the previously used party when beginning a quest.
If this option is set to “ON”, you can easily move back and forth between multiple quests while switching to a specific party for each quest.

2. New Function to Speed Up Skill Animations

Touch the screen during a skill animation in the Tactical Phase of battle to speed through the skill animation.

3. “Screen Resolution” Settings Added to Game Options

“Screen Resolution” will be added to “Game Options” in My Room. You can choose between “Standard” (the screen resolution used until this update) and “Low Resolution”, which will reduce the burden on your device.

* If you notice lagging or skipping during gameplay, setting this option to "Low Resolution" may improve performance. * This option will not be available for certain devices where the native screen resolution is lower than the game's standard resolution, or for devices where screen resolution data cannot be acquired correctly.

Plus, rendering settings options for High Speed mode in battle will be added.
By setting it to "High Quality," battle animations will be displayed more seamlessly when battle speed is set to high speed, making them more pleasant to watch.

* This function will go into effect only when the "High Speed" setting is on. There will be no effect on battle animations at normal speed. * Please note that some devices may heat up or have increased battery drain when set to "High Quality".

4. Option Not to Display Confirmation Dialogue After Quest Selection Added

A new item will be added to “Game Options” in My Room, allowing you to choose not to display the confirmation dialogue after you select a quest.
If you choose not to display the dialogue, you will not be asked for confirmation when entering a quest with no battle or where Party Setup is conducted immediately before battle.

* An icon will be displayed on the quest board for quests where Party Setup is conducted immediately before battle.


1. Number of Possible Support Lineups Increased

The number of support lineups that you can set on the Support Setup screen will be increased to ten.
In addition, you will be able to set up to three lineups each as "Normal" and "Event".

① Represents the number of possible support lineups. You can swipe back and forth to switch between support lineups the same as until now.
② You can set the currently displayed support lineup as "Normal" or "Event". Up to three support lineups can be set for each type of quest.

About "Normal" and "Event": - "Normal": Displayed as possible Support Servants for Friend and Follower Masters for Main Quests, Daily Quests, etc. - "Event": Displayed as possible Support Servants for Friend and Follower Masters for event quests.

* You cannot set a support lineup as "Normal" or "Event" if it contains a Servant who is already set in a different support lineup set as the same category. * You can set support lineups as "Normal" or "Event" even if they contain the same Craft Essences set in a different support lineup in the same category.

Up to three Servants of each class will be displayed for Friend and Follower Masters. If you only have one lineup set one Servant will be displayed, and two Servants if you only have two lineups set.

* Not all of your support lineups will displayed on the "Friends & Following" screen. * Tap the "Confirm Support Setup" button to check other support lineups.

2. Battle Sprites and Noble Phantasm Animations Renewed for Certain Servants

Battle sprite graphics and animations, as well as Noble Phantasm animations have been renewed for certain Servants.
They will now be displayed in full screen for devices that support that resolution.

Class Rarity Servants
Saber ★★★★ Gawain
★★★★ Lancelot
Archer ★★★★★ Nikola Tesla
★★★★ Tristan
Lancer ★★★★★ Altria Pendragon
★★ Musashibou Benkei
Rider ★★★ Boudica
★★★ Ushiwakamaru
★★ Edward Teach
★★ Georgios
Caster ★★★ Cú Chulainn
Berserker ★★ Caligula
Ruler ★★★★★ Amakusa Shirou
Moon Cancer ★★★★★ BB

3. Certain Servants' Noble Phantasm Animations Adjusted for Full Screen Display

Certain Servants' Noble Phantasm animations have been adjusted to allow for full screen display on devices that support that resolution.

Class Rarity Servants
Saber ★★★★★ Altera
★★★★★ Astolfo
★★★★★ Miyamoto Musashi
★★★★★ Mordred
★★★★★ Nero Claudius (Bride)
★★★★★ Okita Souji
★★★★★ Ryougi Shiki
★★★★ Altria Pendragon (Lily)
★★★★ Chevalier d'Eon
★★★★ Diarmuid Ua Duibhne
★★★★ Elisabeth Báthory (Brave)
★★★★ Frankenstein
★★★★ Katsushika Hokusai
★★★★ Lakshmi Bai
★★★★ Nero Claudius
★★★★ Queen Medb
★★★★ Rama
★★★★ Saito Hajime
★★★★ Siegfried
★★★★ Suzuka Gozen
★★★★ Yagyu Tajima-no-kami Munenori
★★★ Gaius Julius Caesar
Archer ★★★★★ Altria Pendragon
★★★★★ Arjuna
★★★★★ Ishtar
★★★★★ James Moriarty (Archer of Shinjuku)
★★★★★ Jeanne d'Arc
★★★★★ Napoleon
★★★★★ Orion
★★★★★ Sei Shounagon
★★★★★ Super Orion
★★★★ Asagami Fujino
★★★★ Aśvatthāman
★★★★ Attila the San(ta)
★★★★ Calamity Jane
★★★★ Chiron
★★★★ Chloe von Einzbern
★★★★ Emiya (Alter)
★★★★ Florence Nightingale (Santa)
★★★★ Helena Blavatsky
★★★★ Illyasviel von Einzbern
★★★★ Oda Nobunaga
★★★★ Osakabehime
★★★★ Tomoe Gozen (Archer of Inferno)
★★★ Euryale
★★★ Robin Hood
★★ Paris
Oda Nobukatsu
Lancer ★★★★★ Bradamante
★★★★★ Ereshkigal
★★★★★ Karna
★★★★★ Romulus=Quirinus
★★★★★ Scáthach
★★★★★ Tamamo-no-Mae
★★★★ Caenis
★★★★ Elisabeth Báthory
★★★★ Fionn mac Cumhaill
★★★★ Ibaraki-Douji
★★★★ Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily
★★★★ Kiyohime
★★★★ Medusa
★★★★ Minamoto-no-Raikou
★★★★ Mysterious Alter Ego Λ
★★★★ Nagao Kagetora
★★★★ Nezha
★★★★ Qin Liangyu
★★★★ Utsumi Erice
★★★★ Valkyrie
★★★★ Yu Mei-ren
★★★ Cú Chulainn
★★★ Hektor
★★ Gareth
Rider ★★★★★ Achilles
★★★★★ Altria Pendragon (Alter)
★★★★★ Europa
★★★★★ Iskandar
★★★★★ Ivan the Terrible
★★★★★ Leonardo da Vinci
★★★★★ Odysseus
★★★★★ Ozymandias
★★★★★ Queen Medb
★★★★★ Sima Yi (Reines)
★★★★ Ishtar
★★★★ Marie Antoinette
★★★★ Martha
★★★★ Mordred
★★★★ Sakamoto Ryouma
★★★★ Sakata Kintoki
★★★ Christopher Columbus (Rider of the Resistance)
★★★ Medusa
★★★ Red Hare
Bartholomew Roberts
Caster ★★★★★ Altria Caster
★★★★★ Anastasia
★★★★★ Illyasviel von Einzbern
★★★★★ Merlin
★★★★★ Murasaki Shikibu
★★★★★ Nero Claudius
★★★★★ Scáthach-Skadi
★★★★★ Scheherazade (Caster of the Nightless City)
★★★★★ Tamamo-no-Mae
★★★★★ Xuanzang Sanzang
★★★★★ Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II)
★★★★ Circe (Caster of Okeanos)
★★★★ Elisabeth Báthory (Halloween)
★★★★ Gilgamesh
★★★★ Marie Antoinette
★★★★ Medea (Lily)
★★★★ Nitocris
★★★★ Nursery Rhyme
★★★★ Queen of Sheba (Caster of Midrash)
★★★★ Shuten-Douji
★★★★ Sieg
★★★★ Thomas Edison
★★★ Avicebron
★★★ Charles Babbage
★★★ Geronimo
★★★ Medea
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Assassin ★★★★★ Cleopatra
★★★★★ "First Hassan"
★★★★★ Jack the Ripper
★★★★★ Kama
★★★★★ Li Shuwen
★★★★★ Osakabehime
★★★★★ Semiramis
★★★★ Carmilla
★★★★ Emiya (Assassin)
★★★★ Gray
★★★★ Mochizuki Chiyome (Assassin of Paraíso)
★★★★ Nitocris
★★★★ Okita J. Souji
★★★★ Ryougi Shiki
★★★★ Scáthach
★★★★ Stheno
★★★★ Yu Mei-ren
★★★ Hassan of the Hundred Personas
★★★ Hassan of the Serenity
★★★ Henry Jekyll & Hyde
★★★ Jing Ke
★★★ Okada Izo
★★ Hassan of the Cursed Arm
★★ Phantom of the Opera
Charlotte Corday
Mata Hari
Sasaki Kojirou
Berserker ★★★★★ Arjuna (Alter)
★★★★★ Cú Chulainn (Alter)
★★★★★ Florence Nightingale
★★★★★ Hijikata Toshizo
★★★★★ Minamoto-no-Raikou
★★★★★ Miyamoto Musashi
★★★★★ Sakata Kintoki
★★★★★ Vlad III
★★★★★ Xiang Yu
★★★★ Atalante (Alter)
★★★★ Beowulf
★★★★ Brynhild
★★★★ Chacha
★★★★ Heracles
★★★★ Ibaraki-Douji
★★★★ Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
★★★★ Lancelot
★★★★ Oda Nobunaga
★★★★ Tamamo Cat
★★★ Darius III
★★★ Kiyohime
★★★ Mori Nagayoshi
★★ Salome
Paul Bunyan (Berserker of Learning with Manga)
Ruler ★★★★★ Altria Pendragon
★★★★★ Himiko
★★★★★ Jeanne d'Arc
★★★★★ Qin Shi Huang
★★★★ Astraea
★★★★ Martha
★★★★ Quetzalcoatl (Samba/Santa)
Avenger ★★★★★ Demon King Nobunaga
★★★★★ Edmond Dantès
★★★★★ Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
★★★★★ Space Ishtar
★★★★ Gorgon
★★★★ Hessian Lobo (Avenger of Shinjuku)
★★★ Antonio Salieri
Alter Ego ★★★★★ Kingprotea
★★★★★ Meltryllis
★★★★★ Okita Souji (Alter)
★★★★★ Sessyoin Kiara
★★★★★ Sitonai
★★★★ Mecha Eli-chan
★★★★ Mecha Eli-chan Mk.II
★★★★ Passionlip
Moon Cancer ★★★★★ Jinako Carigiri (Great Stone Statue God)
★★★★★ Sessyoin Kiara
★★★★ BB
Foreigner ★★★★★ Abigail Williams
★★★★★ Abigail Williams (Summer)
★★★★★ Katsushika Hokusai
★★★★★ Voyager
★★★★★ Yang Guifei
★★★★ Mysterious Heroine XX
Shielder ★★★ Mash Kyrielight

4. Visual Effects can be Skipped for Certain Enhancements

The visual effects played when performing Skill Enhancement, Append Skill Enhancement, and Noble Phantasm Enhancement can now be skipped by tapping the screen.

5. Command Code Related Functions Improved!

The Command Code system will be updated so that you can change the Command Card a Command Code is engraved onto without having to detach it first.
In addition, "Effect" options will be added to the filter on the Command Code engraving screen.

Re-Engrave a Command Code Directly onto a Different Command Card:

* It will be necessary to use a Code Opener of the correct type on each Command Card you want to engrave a Command Code onto.

Effect Types Added to Filter Options
Mark checkboxes and tap "OK" on the filter screen to display Command Codes with the selected effects.

6. Command Card Visual Effects Shortened and Touch Response Improved

The time after you press the Attack button until Noble Phantasm Cards are displayed will be shortened. The visual effects played when a chain is achieved will also be shortened.
In addition, the response when you tap a Command Card after pressing the Attack button will be smoothed out.

7. Automatic Advantageous Class Display for Support Servants Improved

When selecting a Support Servant before battle, if the enemy class is an EXTRA class other than Foreigner, Berserker Support Servants will now be displayed first. Until this update, due to the variety of EXTRA classes, Servants with disadvantage were sometimes displayed, but now Berserkers, who deal more damage, will be displayed first. * When going up against Foreigners, EXTRA class Servants will continue to be displayed first.

* You can turn this setting off from "Game Options" in My Room. If it is set to "OFF", the class you selected the last time you entered a battle will be displayed.

8. "First Use of NP Normal Speed" Game Option Improved

The "First Use of NP Normal Speed" option, which allows you to see your Servants' Noble Phantasms at normal speed the first time you use them even if "Battle Speed" is set to high speed, will be improved.
Previously, this option applied only to Servants you owned. After the update, the function will also apply to Support Servants and enemy Noble Phantasms. In addition, the option will still go into effect the first time you use the Noble Phantasm of a Servant you own even if you have seen it used by Support Servants or enemies.

9. Claim Multiple Master Mission Rewards at the Same Time

An option to claim all available mission rewards at once will be added to the "Weekly", "Extra", and "Ltd." tabs on the Master Mission screen.
If one or more rewards are available from the "Completed Missions" list, you can tap the "Receive All" button to claim all available rewards for missions in that tab. * As the rewards for Master Missions in the "Daily" tab are awarded automatically, they will not be affected by this update.

10. NPC Servants Selectable for "Interludes"

When challenging an "Interlude" quest where your formation is restricted, the option to choose an NPC Servant will be added.

◆Improvements to the UI:

1. Easier to Select New Targets for Craft Essence Enhancement

When you return to the list of Craft Essences after selecting a Craft Essence for Enhancement, the Craft Essence currently selected for Enhancement will now be displayed in the same location it was when you selected it.
Until now, the currently selected Craft Essence was displayed at the very top of the page, meaning that you had to scroll down again to see the Craft Essences around it in the list, but now it will be easier to select different Craft Essences without scrolling through the page.

Affected Screens:
- Party Setup
- Support Setup
- Servant Enhancement
- Servant Skill Enhancement
- Craft Essence Enhancement
- Ascension (Servant Evolution)
- Special Ascension (Servant Evolution)
- Bond Level Cap Increase
- Engrave Command Code
- Command Card Enhancement
- Append Skill Enhancement
- Servant Noble Phantasm Enhancement
- Palingenesis
- Unlock Wardrobe
- Confirm Party

2. Easier to Tell Which Support Servants Were Used

The details of how the Servants you have in your Support Setup were used by your Friends and Followers will be shown in an easy-to-read dialogue above the information about Friend Points gained.
In addition to the amount of Friend Points gained, you can also check which Servant was used the most.

* The first time you log in after maintenance, the message “No information on Servants used as Support” may be displayed, but Friend Points will have been awarded correctly.

The above are the main changes included in the update scheduled for 2022-10-27 PDT (GMT -7).

Thank you for your continuing support of "Fate/Grand Order".