09-09 PDT
[Ended] [Campaign] Hunting Quest: Part 9

Hunting Quests are an opportunity to acquire specific Skill Enhancement and Ascension materials!
During the event period, a new Hunting Quest with a different enemy type will be unlocked daily.
Accessible from Chaldea Gate, each quest will have four levels of difficulty, including the highest level "Pride+" introduced in the previous Hunting Quest campaign, and can be challenged as many times as you like while it is unlocked.
Furthermore, Mana Prisms will be awarded the first time you clear each quest.

Challenge these quests to collect Skill Enhancement and Ascension materials!

Event Period:
2022-09-04 21:00 - 09-11 20:59 PDT

All Masters will be eligible to participate.
* New Masters must clear "Singularity F: Flame Contaminated City, Fuyuki - Section 3 Part 1".

2022-09-04 21:00 - 09-05 20:59 PDT

2022-09-05 21:00 - 09-06 20:59 PDT

2022-09-06 21:00 - 09-07 20:59 PDT

2022-09-07 21:00 - 09-08 20:59 PDT

2022-09-08 21:00 - 09-09 20:59 PDT

2022-09-09 21:00 - 09-11 20:59 PDT

Special "Servant Rank Up Quests" will be added permanently to Chaldea Gate to strengthen "★5 (SSR) Okita Souji (Saber)" and "★5 (SSR) Hijikata Toshizo".

In addition to ability enhancement, Saint Quartz will be included in the quest rewards.
* Please note that Servant Rank Up Quests are battle only quests.

Release Date:
2022-09-04 21:00 PDT

You must own the Servant in question and have achieved his/her Final Ascension.
* If you do not own the Servant in question, their quest will not be displayed. * Rank Up Quests are not limited time quests.

The Limited Time "GUDAGUDA Pickup Summon (Daily)" is also ongoing!
For more information, please see the article linked below.

"GUDAGUDA Pickup Summon (Daily)" Details: