07-04 PDT
Correction to Explanation of the 5th Anniversary Guaranteed Summon" Within Anime Expo Panel"

Thank you for playing "Fate/Grand Order".
The following is a message from the administrative team.

The explanation of the Guaranteed Summon presented during our panel on Anime Expo Day 3 included an error. As such, we are issuing the following correction.

Incorrect: "one Limited Time rarity ★4 (SR) or higher Servant is also guaranteed!"
Correct: "one ★4 (SR) or above Servant (can be a Limited Time Servant) is also guaranteed!"

The explanation given in the article "[Notice] [Summon] 5th Anniversary Guaranteed Summon (Debut Year)!" under the "NEWS" tab is correct.

Please tap the "Summon Info" button at the bottom left corner of the Saint Quartz Summon screen for a full list of available Servants and Craft Essences.

We sincerely apologize to everyone who watched the announcement at the panel.