07-08 PDT
[Update - New Info] [From Chaldea PR Dep't] New Information Released at "Anime Expo 2022"

Thank you for playing "Fate/Grand Order".
The following information about "Fate/Grand Order" is part of what was released at "Anime Expo 2022" on 2022-07-04 PDT.
* In-game graphics may vary from the images used within this article.

[Limited Time] "Fate/Grand Order - 5th Anniversary":

[Limited Time] "Fate/Grand Order - 5th Anniversary", beginning at 2022-07-04 02:00 PDT, has been announced!
A "10 Part Campaign", the new Servant "★5 (SSR) Altria Caster", and new Spiritron Dresses for five Servants are coming up!
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"Fate/Grand Order - 5th Anniversary" Limited Time "Guaranteed Summon":

Certain Limited Time Servants released up until now have been divided into five Guaranteed Summons by the year they were first added to the game! Choose one of the five groups to summon from in the Limited Time "5th Anniversary Guaranteed Summon (Debut Year)"!
To celebrate the fifth anniversary, in addition to one guaranteed Limited Time ★5 (SSR) Servant, one ★4 (SR) or rarer Servant from a lineup that includes Limited Time Servants is also guaranteed!
* 15 paid Saint Quartz must be used for this Summon. Free Saint Quartz cannot be used.
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"Fate/Grand Order - 5th Anniversary" Limited Time "5th Anniversary Pickup Summon (Daily)":

New Servant ★5 (SSR) Altria Caster is here! Limited Time Servants "★5 (SSR) Altria Caster and ★5 (SSR) Leonardo da Vinci (Rider)" will be summonable on a daily rotation!
In addition, summon new Limited Time Craft Essences in the daily lineup!
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[Limited Time] "Swimsuit Event 2022":

The Limited Time Swimsuit Event 2022 is expected to arrive in mid-July.

Event Release Date (Planned):
Mid-July 2022

Masters who have fulfilled the following conditions may participate:
- Clear "Singularity F: Flame Contaminated City, Fuyuki".

Some of the Servants Appearing in Limited Time Swimsuit Event 2022:

"★5 (SSR) Sessyoin Kiara", "★4 (SR) Brynhild", and "★4 (SR) Illyasviel von Einzbern" will appear in the Limited Time Swimsuit Event 2022, planned to begin in mid-July.
Check out the Noble Phantasms of the three Servants on YouTube!

(Added on July 8th)

Three new Spiritron Dresses for Male Servants:

A total of three new Spiritron Dresses for Male Servants "★5 (SSR) Sigurd", "★4 (SR) Emiya", and "★4 (SR) Prince of Lan Ling" will become available during the Limited Time Swimsuit Event 2022!

* The battle sprite for "★4 (SR) Prince of Lan Ling" will not wear glasses when the Spiritron Dress "Robe of Sarasvati" is equipped.

This was just some of the new information released as part of "Anime Expo 2022".
Please continue to support and enjoy "Fate/Grand Order".