03-14 PST
[Important] [iOS Only] About "Tracking Permission" to Improve Usability and Analyze Advertisement Effectiveness

Thank you for playing "Fate/Grand Order".
The following is a message from the administrative team.

In order to comply with the updated App Store Review guidelines, we will be asking all iOS users to confirm "Tracking Permission" settings.

Beginning with Ver. 2.13.1 of the game, users who have updated to iOS 14.5 (scheduled to be released soon) will see a one time message about "Tracking Permission" upon logging in.
If you choose to allow activity tracking, the information we gather will be used to improve usability for all users and to analyze advertisement effectiveness.
* Tracking permission can be switched on or off at any time from your device's "Settings" app. Select "Tracking" from the "Privacy" menu to change your settings.

We will treat all data gathered with the utmost care for personal information security. Data will be managed as stated in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


We would greatly appreciate your help with information gathering through activity tracking in order to improve our service for all users.

Thank you for your continuing support of "Fate/Grand Order".