12-09 PST
[Important] Posting and Publishing Any Data Through Prohibited Methods (12-09 01:00 PST)

Thank you for playing “Fate/Grand Order”.

The Terms of Use of “Fate/Grand Order” strictly prohibit users from modifying, reverse engineering, decompiling, or dissembling the application or any game data.
Regrettably, some users have used those prohibited methods to obtain various types of information related to the game (such as Saint Graph images and event CG) before their official release. “Fate/Grand Order” is designed to provide all users with the most genuine experience of the game.
Leaking any information that cannot be obtained through normal gameplay will harm our desired experience for all users.
If any user posts data or information obtained by such data analysis on the Internet, for example, social media, message boards, or any other websites, regardless of where the information originally obtained from or how it was obtained, we will pursue all measures available, including legal actions, against such user in order to ensure fair gameplay and provide the best experience for all users.

Thank you for your continuous support of “Fate/Grand Order”.