11-20 PST
[Ended] [From Chaldea PR Dep't] Anime NYC 2021 Exhibit Information

Thank you for playing "Fate/Grand Order".

Fate/Grand Order returns to conventions this November with Anime NYC!
Join us on Saturday in Panel 2 for our first and last panel of 2021.
Fans will also have the chance to take a picture on Saber (Alter)’s motorcycle, Cuirassier Noir, at the Aniplex of America booth!

Fate/Grand Order at Anime NYC 2021 Panel
Date: Saturday, November 20th, 2021
Time: 4:30 PM ET
Location: Panel 2 (1E13)

Aniplex of America Booth
Booth #409
Exhibit Hall Hours:
Day 1: 1 PM to 7 PM
Day 2: 10 AM to 7 PM
Day 3: 10 AM to 5 PM

(Added on November 20th)

We announced new information about "Fate/Grand Order" on 2021-11-20 PST at "Anime NYC 2021".
Read on for details.

10 Saint Quartz to Commemorate "Anime NYC 2021" Exhibit!
To commemorate our participation in "Anime NYC 2021", we'll be distributing 10 Saint Quartz to all Masters!

Distribution Period:
2021-11-20 20:00 - 11-23 19:59 PST
The rewards will be sent to your Present Box the first time you log in to "Fate/Grand Order" during the period above.

* Rewards cannot be received if you do not log in during the Distribution Period.
* Rewards can be claimed only once per account.

Present Details:
Saint Quartz x10

All Masters who have cleared "Singularity F: Flame Contaminated City Fuyuki" by 2021-11-20 19:59 PST.

* You must have cleared the Singularity and the "CLEAR" icon must be displayed on the quest banner in the Terminal by the date above to be considered eligible.

"The FGO Thanksgiving Special 2021"!

"The FGO Thanksgiving Special 2021" was announced to begin on 2021-11-24 PST.

Chaldea Broadcasting Station U.S. Branch Vol. 14!

"Chaldea Broadcasting Station U.S. Branch Vol. 14: Atlantis Pre-Release Special", a special program about "Fate/Grand Order" English version, was announced for 2021-11-30 18:00 PST.

See the "Developer's Diary" Announced at Anime NYC 2021 on YouTube!


The video includes the latest information about the upcoming Thanksgiving Campaign!

Limited Time Event "Christmas 2021: Nightingale's Christmas Carol" Announced:

The Limited Time Event "Christmas 2021: Nightingale's Christmas Carol" was announced.

Thank you for your continued support of "Fate/Grand Order".