07-09 PDT
Servant Rank Up Quest Part Eleven: Special 4th Anniversary Edition

We're releasing the eleventh batch of "Servant Rank Up Quests", special quests that enhance your Servants' abilities.
To celebrate "Fate/Grand Order 2021 ~4th Anniversary~", new Rank Up Quests will be permanently added for a total of 14 Servants!

Two new Rank Up Quests will be unlocked within Chaldea Gate each day for a total of 14 quests.
In addition to ability enhancement, Saint Quartz will be included in the quest rewards.

* Please note that Servant Rank Up Quests are battle only quests.

Release Date:
2021-07-03 18:00 PDT

You must own the Servant in question and have achieved Stage 4 Ascension.
* If you do not own the Servant in question, their quest will not be displayed. * Rank Up Quests are not limited time quests.

About Servants' True Names:
As of 2021-01-01 00:00 PST, Servants whose True Names are hidden will be referred to by their True Name within newly released Main Story chapters, Limited Time Events, certain quests, campaigns, and Pickup Summons.
* This will not apply to already released chapters, Revival Limited Time Events, and certain quests.

"Fate/Grand Order 2021 ~4th Anniversary~", featuring a special consecutive login bonus and 1/2 AP costs for all Daily Quests, is also ongoing!
Please see the article linked below for more information.

"Fate/Grand Order 2021 ~4th Anniversary~" Details: