05-26 PDT
[Important] Action Taken Against Activities Violating the Terms of Use (05/26 08:00 PDT)

Thank you for playing “Fate/Grand Order”.
The following is a message from the administrative team.

Activities such as Real Money Trading (RMT), real money purchases on another’s behalf, transfer of an account to a third party, illegitimate refund claims, and analysis/alteration of the game data are forbidden under the "Fate/Grand Order" Terms of Use.

As of 2021-05-26 08:00 PDT, we have taken the following actions against accounts determined to have committed such activities.

- Suspension and termination of the accounts in question.
* It will no longer be possible to log in to the game from the accounts in question.
- Number of Affected Accounts: 6

We will continue to take strict action against accounts found to violate the Terms of Use, including account termination with no prior warning.
Furthermore, Customer Support will not be able to assist with accounts terminated for activities violating the Terms of Use.

Activities violating the Terms of Use can interfere with all customers’ ability to safely enjoy "Fate/Grand Order". As such, we ask all customers to comply with the Terms of Use.

Definition of RMT (Real Money Trading):
RMT refers to the exchange of accounts or in-game information for real world currency or goods. This includes, but is not limited to:
- Accounts
- Servants and Craft Essences
- Saint Quartz
- Items (Mana Prisms, QP, etc.)
- In-game services

Terms of Use:
Article 3 Device
1. In using the Application, you shall manage your electronics device in which the Application is installed (“Device”) at your own responsibility, and shall be responsible for any and all acts conducted using the Device. 2. You shall be liable for any damage due to any inadequate management, error in use, and/or use by a third party of the Device or any account-related information (“Account Information”) including any password created by you and any identification code provided by Aniplex to you for the purpose of transferring the game data, and Aniplex shall not be liable for any such damage except for liabilities arising from gross negligence or willful misconduct of Aniplex. 3. Aniplex shall not be liable for any loss of the Virtual Currency (as defined in Article 6) or of Game Data (as defined below) retained by you, or for any other disadvantages or detriment incurred by you, due to the loss of the Device or any Account Information by you. For the purpose hereof, “Game Data” shall mean any data related to text, sound, music, image, video, in-game items, software, programs or other stuff provided to you in the Application (including, without limitation, Virtual Currency defined in Article 6), as well as any data and/or information pertaining to the progress of the game in the Application and any and all other situations realized in the Application.

Article 14 Prohibited Matters
1. In using the Application, you must not conduct:
(1) Any act which is not in compliance with applicable laws and regulations or these Terms of Use; (2) Any act which is contrary to public order or morals; (3) Any act of registering an account by stating false information, or any other act of providing or disseminating any untrue information to Aniplex or a third party in the Application; (4) Any act of unduly collecting and/or using personal information of another user; (5) Any act of infringing upon any intellectual property rights, moral rights or any other rights of Aniplex or a third party; (6) Any commercial activity using the Application and the information obtained from the Application; (7) Any act of selling and/or purchasing in cash or any equivalent thereto, or engaging in any exchange transaction involving (without limitation) accounts, items, Virtual Currency and/or Game Data, whether inside or outside of the Application; (8) Any agreement of, or other preparatory action for, the sale and/or purchase or the exchange transaction as specified in the preceding item, whether inside or outside of the Application; (9) Any act to illegally manipulate any result which can be obtained through the use of the Application, whether conducted individually, in collusion with another user, or by making use of the act of another user; (10) Any act of placing a considerable load to the server or network being used for the operation of the Application; (11) Any act of unauthorized access or any other act of pretending to be another user; (12) Any act of willfully providing or disclosing information on the failure of the Application to any third party other than Aniplex; (13) Any act of altering and/or damaging, or disassembling, decompiling and/or reverse engineering any programs used for the Application; (14) Any act of causing damage to or otherwise troubling Aniplex or a third party; (15) Any act of preventing the normal provision of the Application; (16) Any act of damaging the credibility of Aniplex or the Application; or (17) Any other act which Aniplex considers inappropriate.
2. In the event that you conduct any of the acts set forth in the immediate preceding paragraph, Aniplex reserves the right to suspend your use of the account immediately without giving any prior notice, and shall not be liable for any damage which may be incurred by you due to such suspension.

We hope all customers will continue to enjoy "Fate/Grand Order" within the boundaries of the Terms of Use.
As always, thank you for your continuing support of "Fate/Grand Order".