05-18 PDT
[Ended] [Event] A Meihousou Most Foul

Event Period:
2021-05-14 01:00 - 05-27 20:59 PDT

Event Summary:
Lights, camera, action! The Limited Time Event "A Meihousou Most Foul" is here!
The setting: A Carribean Hollywood?!
Your mission: With the finest director and cast Chaldea has to offer at your side, complete an unfinished movie and set the late director's soul at ease!

* In-game graphics may vary from the images used within this article.
* Certain quests will be unlocked at a later date.

Masters who have fulfilled the following conditions may participate.
- Clear "Singularity F: Flame Contaminated City, Fuyuki".

About Servants' True Names:
As of 2021-01-01 00:00 PST, Servants whose True Names are hidden will be referred to by their True Name within newly released Main Story chapters, Limited Time Events, certain quests, campaigns, and Pickup Summons.
* This will not apply to already released chapters, Revival Limited Time Events, and certain quests.

Clear the Limited Time Event "A Meihousou Most Foul" through Section 13 and vote for the story ending you most want to see!
The theory that receives the most votes from all Masters will be chosen as the final chapter of the event story.

* The other endings will be added to the Material at a later date.

Voting Period:
2021-05-16 21:00 - 05-18 11:59 PDT
* As of 2021-05-18 21:30 PDT, the final voting tallies have been announced.

Voting Eligibility:
You must clear "Section 13" of the "A Meihousou Most Foul" Main Quest in order to vote for a theory.

How to Vote:
Once you've cleared "Section 13", five "Voting Quests" will be available during the Voting Period only. Choose the theory you want to vote for and execute that quest to vote.
* Voting Quests will not contain a cutscene.
* The other Voting Quests will disappear once you have executed your chosen Voting Quest.

About Voting Rewards:

As a token of our gratitude, we'll be distributing 200 Mana Prisms at 2021-05-18 21:30 PDT to everyone who participated in voting!

Voting Participation Rewards:
Mana Prism x200

Masters who have executed a Voting Quest by 2021-05-18 11:59 PDT will be eligible to receive the rewards.

Distribution Period:
2021-05-18 21:30 - 05-27 20:59 PDT
* Rewards will be sent to your Present Box upon first login between 2021-05-18 21:30 and 05-27 20:59 PDT.
* Please note that you will not receive the rewards if you do not vote.
* You must log in during the Distribution Period to claim the rewards.

* Voting Participation Rewards can be claimed only once per account.

(Added on May 16th)

We are pleased to announce the results of the vote to decide the story's ending, held from 2021-05-16 21:00 to 05-18 11:59 PDT.

Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)'s theory was selected for the story's ending!
Everyone who cast a vote will receive 200 Mana Prisms!

* As the vote percentages have been rounded to the second decimal, the total may not equal 100%.

(Added on May 18th)

Voting for the ending of Limited Time Event "A Meihousou Most Foul" began at 2021-05-16 21:00 PDT, and the preliminary results are as follows.
Voting is still ongoing, so don't forget to cast your vote!

* This is the preliminary tally as of 2021-05-17 18:00 PDT.
* As the vote percentages have been rounded to the second decimal, the total may not equal 100%.

(Added on May 17th)

Enjoy a story right out of the movies in the Main Quest, unlocked on a daily schedule.
With the release of "Section 8" through "Section 13" on 2021-05-16 21:00 PDT, a vote will be held in-game where all Masters will decide the outcome of the story.
Details will be announced at a later date.
* You can progress through this event and follow the story by clearing the Main Quest. As such, there will be no Free Quests.

Voting will be available from 2021-05-16 21:00 to 05-18 11:59 PDT!

The Limited Time "A Meihousou Most Foul Pickup Summon" is also ongoing!
Please see the article linked below for more information.