05-06 PDT
[Ended] [Campaign] All Pseudo-Singularity Main Quests AP Costs 1/4 & Free Quest AP Costs 1/2 Until First Clear Campaign

This campaign will reduce AP costs for Main Quests within Pseudo-Singularities and Free Quests (until first clear) within Part 1, Pseudo-Singularities, and Part 2 from 2021-05-09 21:00 to 05-23 20:59 PDT!

Campaign Period:
2021-05-09 21:00 - 05-23 20:59 PDT
* Free Quests you have already cleared will not be eligible for this campaign.
* Rank Up Quests, Interludes, and Daily Quests will not be eligible for this campaign.

On top of the permanent half AP cost for Pseudo-Singularity Main Quests, AP costs will be further halved for a limited time! During the period below, AP costs for Pseudo-Singularity story quests (I through IV) will be 1/4 of the original amount!
Masters who have yet to clear the Pseudo-Singularities, this is your chance to challenge the Main Quest!

Eligible Quests:
All story quests within Pseudo-Singularities (I through IV)
* Free Quests within Pseudo-Singularities will not be included in this campaign.
* AP costs will be 1/4 even if you withdraw from a battle.

The first time you clear a Free Quest within Part 1, Pseudo-Singularities, or Part 2, the AP cost will be halved!
Don't miss this chance to clear any Free Quests you have available!

Eligible Quests:
All Free Quests within Part 1 (Singularity F - Seventh Singularity)
All Free Quests within Pseudo-Singularities I-IV
All Free Quests within Part 2 (Lostbelts No.1-3)
* "First time cleared" refers to the time you receive the quest clear rewards upon finishing a Free Quest.
* AP costs will be 1/2 even if you withdraw from a battle.
* Free Quests within the Collaboration Event "Lady Reines's Case Files", scheduled for 2021-04-30 01:00 - 05-13 20:59 PDT, will not be eligible.

The "Class Specific Pickup Summon (Daily)" is also ongoing!
Please see the article linked below for more information.