02-15 PST
Servant Rank Up Quest Part Ten

Release Date:
2021-02-09 20:00 PST

Event Summary:
"Rank Up Quests" are special quests that enhance your Servants' abilities.
In Part Ten, we will be releasing new Rank Up Quests for seven Servants!

One new Rank Up Quest will be unlocked within Chaldea Gate each day for a total of seven quests.
In addition to ability enhancement, Saint Quartz will be included in the quest rewards.
* Please note that Servant Rank Up Quests are battle only quests.

You must own the Servant in question and have achieved Stage 4 Ascension.
* If you do not own the Servant in question, their quest will not be displayed.
* Rank Up Quests are not limited time quests.

About Servants' True Names:
As of 2021-01-01 00:00 PST, Servants whose True Names are hidden will be referred to by their True Name within newly released Main Story chapters, Limited Time Events, and certain quests.
* This will not apply to already released chapters, Revival Limited Time Events, and certain quests.