10-20 PDT
[Ended] [Event] Halloween Strike! Demonic Climb - Himeji Castle War

Event Period:
2019-10-23 01:00 PDT - 11-07 19:59 PST

Event Summary:
Get ready for the Limited Time Event "Halloween Strike! Demonic Climb - Himeji Castle War"!
A mysterious SOS has arrived from a certain continuously morphing Singularity, the site of the yearly Halloween event.
Concerned for Elisabeth's safety, you Rayshift to the graveyard where she waits each year—at least, that was the plan...
The curtain rises on the final chapter of the Halloween trilogy!

This event will be released as a first and second half.
Complete the main quest to get your own Event Limited ★4 (SR) Servant, "Alter Ego of Halloween"!
"Alter Ego of Halloween" comes in two forms: "Mecha Eli-chan" and "Mecha Eli-chan Mk.II."
You can only choose one of them to officially add to your roster!

Event Eligibility:
Only Masters who have completed "First Singularity: Hundred Years' War of the Evil Dragons Orleans" will be eligible to participate.

Enjoy a Halloween story in the main quest, divided into the first half and the second half. Each half will be released on the following schedule.

Quest Release Schedule:

Quests Release Date
Main Quest: First Half 10-23 01:00 PDT - 11-7 19:59 PST
Main Quest: Second Half
Mecha Eli-chan Selection Quest
10-25 17:00 PDT - 11-7 19:59 PST
Extra Quests
[High Difficulty] Challenge Quest
10-29 17:00 PDT - 11-7 19:59 PST

* "Mecha Eli-chan" and "Mecha Eli-chan Mk.II" have identical parameters, status, and skills.
Their names, illustrations, profiles, battle sprites, voiced lines, and the illustration and description of the Craft Essences received at Maximum Bond are unique.

Hints and Strategies, Part 1:
Certain Servants will gain an attack bonus within "Halloween Strike! Demonic Climb - Himeji Castle War."
Strengthen the eligible Servants ahead of the event!
Servants who gain an attack bonus as "E-Pals" will not appear in the main story of "Halloween Strike! Demonic Climb - Himeji Castle War."
* The attack bonus amount will vary for each Servant.
* The name displayed for Servants whose True Name is hidden will vary depending on your story progress.
* From 2019-10-20 21:00 PDT, an "Upcoming Event" filter will be added to Servant Selection and Servant Enhancement screens. Use this filter to conveniently display only the Servants who will receive a bonus in the event.

Eligible Servants:

Class Rarity Name
Saber ★★★★ Elisabeth Báthory (Brave)
Lancer ★★★★ Elisabeth Báthory
Caster ★★★★ Elisabeth Báthory (Halloween)
Assassin ★★★★★ Osakabehime
★★★★★ Cleopatra
★★★★ Carmilla
★★★★ Assassin of Shinjuku
★★★★ Assassin of the Nightless City
Berserker ★★★★ Berserker of El Dorado
Alter Ego ★★★★ Mecha Eli-chan
★★★★ Mecha Eli-chan Mk.II

Eligible Servants (E-Pals):

Class Rarity Name
Lancer ★★★★★ Tamamo-no-Mae
★★★★ Kiyohime
Caster ★★★★★ Tamamo-no-Mae
Berserker ★★★★ Tamamo Cat
★★★ Kiyohime

Hints and Strategies, Part 2:
Equip the Event Limited Craft Essences "Aerial Drive," "Golden Wings," and "Nostalgic Form," available through event item exchange, to increase the chance of additional appearance of certain types of event enemies within free quests.

* The chance of additional enemy appearance will not increase past 100%, even if a higher value is displayed.

Hints and Strategies, Part 3:
Equip the Limited Time Craft Essences "Trick or Treatment," "Phantom Night," and "From Wonderland," available through the Halloween 2019 Pickup Summon (Daily), to gain a bonus to the amount of event items Beam Cookie, Missile Ramune, or Drill Gummy per drop.

* Please be aware that the item drop rate is not 100%.

Aerial Drive
ATK 500 (MAX: 2000) HP 0
Increase Buster Card effectiveness & NP Strength by 8% & begin battle with NP charged at 30% for yourself + Increase appearance rate of [Knight] [Gazer] [Mass Production] enemies by 25% in Free Quests [Event Only]

Golden Wings
ATK 200 (MAX: 750) HP 320 (MAX: 1200)
Increase NP Strength by 20% & NP Gain by 5% for yourself + Increase appearance rate of [Drone] [Homunculus] [Automata] enemies by 25% in Free Quests [Event Only]

Nostalgic Form
ATK 0 HP 300 (MAX: 1500)
Increase DEF & Buster Card effectiveness by 3% for yourself + Increase appearance rate of [Skeleton] [Scarecrow] enemies by 25% in Free Quests [Event Only]

* "★4 (SR) Mecha Eli-chan Mk.II" has identical parameters.

Use "B Pellet," available only as mission rewards, to perform Ascension four times and see the final Saint Graph!

* Please note that battle sprites will not change with Ascension for "★4 (SR) Mecha Eli-chan" and "★4 (SR) Mecha Eli-chan Mk.II."

See "★4 (SR) Mecha Eli-chan" and "★4 (SR) Mecha Eli-chan Mk.II" in action on Youtube, where we're sharing exclusive videos of each of their Noble Phantasms!

Event items can be exchanged for the following items through "Event Item Exchange," accessible from the "Event Rewards" button in the upper right corner of the Terminal.
* Hero Crystal: Corona Fou ALL ★4 (ATK) and Hero Crystal: Meteor Fou ALL ★4 (HP) will become available for exchange after you clear the main quest of "Halloween Strike! Demonic Climb - Himeji Castle War."

Exchange Period:
2019-10-23 01:00 PDT - 11-14 19:59 PST
* Beam Cookie, Missile Ramune, Drill Gummy, E Reactor, and Spare Reactor will disappear at the end of the exchange period.

Items Obtainable with Beam Cookie:

[Event Limited Craft Essence]
 ★5 (SSR) "Aerial Drive"

[Skill Enhancement & Ascension Materials]
 Mysterious Divine Wine
 Claw of Chaos
 Refined Magatama

[Ascension Materials]
 Saber Monument
 Archer Monument
 Lancer Monument
 Assassin Monument

[Other Items]
 Hero Crystal: Corona Fou ALL ★4 (ATK)
 Mana Prism

Items Obtainable with Missile Ramune:

[Event Limited Craft Essence]
 ★4 (SR) "Golden Wings"

[Skill Enhancement & Ascension Materials]
 Spirit Root
 Primordial Lanugo
 Ghost Lantern

[Ascension Materials]
 Saber Piece
 Archer Piece
 Lancer Piece
 Assassin Piece

[Other Items]
 Hero Crystal: Meteor Fou ALL ★4 (HP)
 Beam Cookie

Items Obtainable with Drill Gummy:

[Event Limited Craft Essence]
★3 (R) "Nostalgic Form"

[Skill Enhancement & Ascension Materials]
 Warhorse's Young Horn
 Meteor Horseshoe
 Fool's Chain

[Other Items]
 Blaze of Wisdom ALL ★4 (SR)
 Fire of Wisdom ALL ★3 (R)
 Hero Crystal: Meteor Fou ALL ★4 (HP)
 Hero Crystal: Star Fou ALL ★3 (HP)
 Hero Crystal: Sun Fou ALL ★3 (ATK)
 Missile Ramune

Items Obtainable With E Reactor:

[Event Limited Servant]
★4 (SR) "Mecha Eli-Chan"
★4 (SR) "Mecha Eli-Chan Mk.Ⅱ"

* E Reactor exchange will be unlocked after clearing the Mecha Eli-chan Selection Quest.
* You must choose either "Mecha Eli-chan" or "Mecha Eli-chan Mk.II" for exchange.

* Only one E Reactor will be available in this event. If you exchange the E Reactor for "Mecha Eli-Chan," you will not be able to acquire "Mecha Eli-chan Mk.II" and vice versa.

Items Obtainable With Spare Reactor:

[Event Limited Servant]
★4 (SR) "Mecha Eli-Chan" (Use to increase Noble Phantasm level)
★4 (SR) "Mecha Eli-Chan Mk.Ⅱ" (Use to increase Noble Phantasm level)

* Spare Reactor exchange will be unlocked after acquiring either "Mecha Eli-chan" or "Mecha Eli-chan Mk.II," allowing you to increase their Noble Phantasm level.
* Spare Reactor exchange will be available only for the Servant selected through E Reactor exchange.

Masters who have cleared "Final Singularity" will be eligible to challenge a High Difficulty "Challenge Quest" after clearing a certain quest and all missions of "Halloween Strike! Demonic Climb - Himeji Castle War."

Clear the Challenge Quest to receive valuable rewards.
The Challenge Quest will remain available for the duration of the event period even after being cleared. Enjoy challenging it as many times as you like with different Servants and Craft Essences.
* Quest clear rewards, dropped items, Master EXP, Mystic Code EXP, and Bond Points will only be rewarded for the first clear.

Challenge Quest Release Date:
2019-10-29 17:00 PDT

Challenge Quest Eligibility:
Masters who have fulfilled the following conditions may participate.
- Complete all missions within "Halloween Strike! Demonic Climb - Himeji Castle War"
- Clear the required quest within "Halloween Strike! Demonic Climb - Himeji Castle War"
- Clear "Final Singularity"

Challenge Quest Clear Rewards (First Time Only):
Crystallized Lore ×1

For a limited time, we're halving AP costs for the Rank Up Quests and Interludes of certain Servants starring in "Halloween Strike! Demonic Climb - Himeji Castle War"!
Don't miss this chance to strengthen the eligible Servants!
* Please note that Daily Quests will not be eligible.

Campaign Period:
2019-10-20 21:00 PDT - 11-07 19:59 PST

Rank Up Quest AP Cost 1/2 Eligible Servants:

Class Rarity Name
Elisabeth Báthory

Interlude AP Cost 1/2 Eligible Servants:

Class Rarity Name
Lancer★★★★Elisabeth Báthory
Berserker★★★★Tamamo Cat

"★4 (SR) Carmilla" will receive a battle sprite and Noble Phantasm animation update!

Renewal Date:
2019-10-23 01:00 PDT

See an exclusive video of her new Noble Phantasm animations on Youtube!

The Halloween 2019 Pickup Summon (Daily) will also be available during the event!
See the linked banner below for more details.