11-30 PST
[Ended] Christmas 2018 Pickup 2 Summon

◆Christmas 2018 Pickup 2 Summon Period◆
2018-12-02 20:00 - 12-12 19:59 PST

For a limited time, the "Christmas 2018 Pickup 2 Summon" will be available!
Limited Time Servant "★5 (SSR) Amakusa Shirou," who plays a major role in the ongoing Limited Time Event "The Little Santa Alter - Christmas 2018", will be available with an increased drop rate!
Limited Time Craft Essences featured in the Christmas 2018 Pickup Summon - "★5 (SSR) A Moment of Tranquility," "★4 (SR) Reading on the Holy Night," and "★3 (R) Saint's Invitation" - will also be available with an increased drop rate!
* Amakusa Shirou will not be added to Story Summon after the Pickup Summon period ends.

Please check the "Summon Info" on the bottom left corner of the "Christmas 2018 Pickup 2 Summon" screen for more details.

During the pickup period, the Limited Time Servant and Limited Time Craft Essences listed above will all have an increased drop rate!
* "Increased drop rate" indicates the featured cards will have higher drop rates than Servants or Craft Essences of the same rarity.

10x Summon will have 1 guaranteed ★4 (SR) or above card and 1 guaranteed ★3 (R) or above Servant!
* Guaranteed ★4 (SR) or above card will be either a Servant or a Craft Essence.
* Guaranteed ★3 (R) or above Servant will have a different distribution rate from that listed on the "Summon Info" screen.

◆A New Interlude for Amakusa Shirou!◆

To commemorate this pickup summon, we’ll be releasing a new Interlude for Amakusa Shirou!
See below for more details.

Release Date:
2018-12-02 20:00 PST