11-16 PST
[Ended] The FGO Thanksgiving Special 2018!

Once again, we'll be holding "The FGO Thanksgiving Special 2018" to celebrate Thanksgiving with the FGO community!

Event Period:
2018-11-18 20:00 - 11-26 19:59 PST

As always, we are grateful for the support of all Masters!
Log in during the following period to receive a special gift to show our thanks!

Distribution Period:
2018-11-21 20:00 - 11-24 19:59 PST

Anyone who has played "Fate/Grand Order" during the above-mentioned period.

Login Period Present Details
2018-11-21 20:00 - 11-22 19:59 PST Total of 18 Fou cards:
★3 (ALL) ATK x 9
★3 (ALL) HP x 9

1 Summon Ticket
2018-11-22 20:00 - 11-23 19:59 PST Total of 18 Fruit:
Golden Fruit x 6
Silver Fruit x 6
Bronze Fruit x 6

1 Summon Ticket
2018-11-23 20:00 - 11-24 19:59 PST Blaze of Wisdom ALL★4 (SR) x 18

1 Summon Ticket

Users who log in during the above-mentioned period will receive the presents.
* You will not receive the presents if you do not log in during the specified period.
* Presents can only be claimed once on an account.

AP Cost for all Daily Quests "Ember Gathering," "Training Ground," and "Enter the Treasure Vault" will be halved across all difficulties for a limited time!

Event Period:
2018-11-21 01:00 - 11-26 19:59 PST
(Fixed on Nov 21st)

Eligible Quests:
Ember Gathering
Training Ground
Enter the Treasure Vault

How to Clear Daily Quests:
Form your parties based on the quest's enemy class tendency, and try to clear all the Daily Quests!

* Clear rewards (Mana Prisms) can only be claimed once when clearing the quest for the first time.
Clear rewards reset each day. Complete the quest each day to obtain Mana Prisms!

New Interludes will be added for the following Servants, who are also available for summon with an increased drop rate in the "Thanksgiving 2018 Pickup Summon (Daily)"!

Release Date:
2018-11-18 20:00 PST

Eligible Servants:

The "Thanksgiving 2018 Pickup Summon (Daily)" is also included in the Thanksgiving Celebration!
For more information, please see the following article.