[Ended] November 7th: 500th Day Celebration Campaign | Fate/Grand Order US
11-05 PST
[Ended] November 7th: 500th Day Celebration Campaign

Campaign Period:
2018-11-06 20:00 - 11-12 19:59 PST

Anyone who has played "Fate/Grand Order" during the above-mentioned period.

Present Details:

Login Streak Login Bonus
Day 1 5,000,000 QP
Day 2 50,000 Friend Points
Day 3 Bronze Fruit x 5
Day 4 Golden Fruit x 5
Day 5 Summon Ticket x 5

How to Claim:
Log in for 5 consecutive days after 2018-11-06 20:00 PST to receive up to 5 presents.
If your login streak is broken, you will not be able to receive later presents.

* Login bonuses will be distributed at 20:00 PST.
* A maximum of 5 login bonuses can be received, but depending on when you begin playing, you may not be able to receive all bonuses.

24 hours only! To commemorate November 7th, the 500th day since the release of "Fate/Grand Order", we will be distributing 10 "★4 (SR) Blaze of Wisdom (ALL)" to all users who log in between 2018-11-06 20:00 - 11-07 19:59 PST!

* You will not receive the present if you do not log in during the specified period.
* Presents can only be claimed once on an account.

Don't forget to log in during the reward period!