10-23 PDT
[Important] [iOS Only] About Supported iOS Versions

Thank you for playing "Fate/Grand Order".
The following is a message from the administrative team.

Following the maintenance scheduled to begin on 2018-10-24 21:00 PDT, the supported iOS versions for "Fate/Grand Order" will be changed.
* After maintenance, "Fate/Grand Order" will be compatible with iOS 8.0 and newer. Older iOS environments will no longer be supported.

■How to Update iOS Version
* Menu options may vary depending on your current iOS version.

1. Open "Settings" from the Home screen.
2. From "Settings", select "General"→"Software Update"→"Download and Install".
3. Once the latest version has been downloaded, select "Install Now" from the "Software Update" screen.
4. Your device will automatically reboot and update the iOS.
* You must be connected to WiFi in order to update.
* For information regarding updating the iOS version through iTunes or any other questions, please contact Apple Support (https://support.apple.com/).
* Compatible iOS version will vary between applications. Other applications you have installed may not be supported on the latest iOS version. We request that you check application compatibility before updating the OS.

■Supported iOS Environment (After Change)
Compatible Versions: iOS 8.0 and newer (older iOS versions will no longer be supported)
Compatible Devices: iPhone 5 and newer, iPad mini 2 and newer, 6th generation iPod touch
* Please confirm that your device and OS are compatible with the above list of iOS versions and devices, NOT the compatibility information on the App Store.
* 5th generation and earlier iPod touch, iPhone 4S, and earlier iPhone models are not supported.

We apologize for the inconvenience to all affected customers.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Thank you for your continuing support of "Fate/Grand Order".