06-25 PDT
Regarding 06-28 Game Update

Thank you for playing "Fate/Grand Order."
This is an announcement from the Chaldea Public Relations Department regarding the game update scheduled for 2018-06-28 PDT. 
We would like to introduce a few of the most important changes you will be seeing after the update.

New Functionality:

1. Added a "Random" option for the Servant displayed in My Room.

2. Updated filter options on each Enhancement screen to include "Same Class Only."
3. Added an EXTRA class slot on the Support Setup screen.

4. Updated Craft Essence Enhancement so that when using an ascended Craft Essence as material, the ascension level is carried over to the base Craft Essence.
* Ascension level will only be carried over between identical Craft Essences.
5. Added a "Smart Sort" function to each Enhancement screen, which will automatically sort unselectable Servants or Craft Essences to the bottom, among other functions.
6. Added a Noble Phantasm level display to Party Setup and Support Setup screens.

Improvements to the UI:

1. Added icons indicating Rank Up/strengthening status of applicable Noble Phantasms and Skills to "Servant Details" and "Select Support" screens.
2. Updated the battle screen such that the treasure box icon changes based on current item drops.
3. Added an "Exchange Period" display to applicable items in the Present Box and Item List.
4. Updated the "Result" screen after battles to seperately display extra QP gained as a result of equipped Craft Essences.
5. Updated the "Quest Information" display for certain quests such that when an enemy you have previously defeated in that quest is eligible for mission progress, "Target" will be displayed on its icon.

6. Changed the width of some scroll bars to be easier to operate.
7. Shortened time required to open, close, and move between certain menus.
8. Added a "Command Spell Details" display to the "Master Profile" screen.
9. Added functionality such that during battle, when "Confirm Skill Use" is set to OFF, pressing and holding the Skill icon will open the Skill Use window.
10. Added a "Help" button to display information regarding certain screens.
* The newly added screens are as follows:
- Chaldea Gate
- Daily Quests
- Craft Essence Enhancement
- Skill Enhancement
- Noble Phantasm Enhancement
- Palingenesis
11. Updated the "TIPS" screen displayed before battle such that tapping the screen will randomly change the displayed tip.
12. Updated AP replenishment such that, after selecting a quest with insufficient AP and using an AP replenishment item, the quest will remain selected.
13. Added an icon indicating Limit Break/Ascension status to Craft Essence/Servant icons on the Burning (Sell) page.
14. Added an icon indicating Rank Up status to Servant Skill icons on the "Select Support" screen.
15. Added a confirmation request to the "Receive All" option in the Present Box.

(Please note that all screenshots are of the development version)

The above are the main changes included in the update scheduled for 2018-06-28 PDT.

Thank you for your continuing support of "Fate/Grand Order."