06-03 PDT
Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] THE MOVIE I. presage flower will be back!

Attention, Masters!

"Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] THE MOVIE I. presage flower" will be back in select U.S. theaters nationwide on June 5th and June 7th! Don’t miss the beginning of this epic trilogy as the fateful events of the Fifth Holy Grail War unfold with a brand new English dub featuring the all-star cast from "Fate/stay night [UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS]" and "Fate/Zero."

After years of anticipation, the final route from the original visual novel, “Heaven’s Feel,” is coming to the silver screen for 2 nights only!

For tickets and theater information, please visit: FathomEvents.com

For more information, visit the official website at: FateStayNightUSA.com


The boy wished to protect the girl. That was his thought.

10 years after the 4th Holy Grail War - a battle waged by seven Masters and seven Servants over the ultimate wish-granter, the Holy Grail...
The 5th war breaks out in Fuyuki City.
Shirou Emiya - the adopted son of Kiritsugu Emiya,
a participant of the previous Holy Grail War - resolves to fight,
carrying out Kiritsugu’s dying wish, “becoming a hero of justice.”

There’s a young girl named Sakura Matou.
She admires Shirou and brings kindness into the life of a boy utterly alone in the world.
Once the Holy Grail War starts, their lives drastically change.
Shirou decides to join the war as a Master along with his Servant, Saber, as well as Rin Tohsaka, a rival Master of Archer.

But the battle starts to go awry as secret maneuvers by unseen forces are put into play...