06-26 UTC
Start Dash Campaign


For all new players of "Fate/Grand Order"
we have prepared a very special Start Dash Campaign.
When you fulfill the following conditions, you can accrue up to 40 Saint Quartz!!

All you need to do is log in to claim "Total Login Bonus!"

Day 1: Saint Quartz 1 + Friend Points 1000
Day 2: Saint Quartz 2 + Friend Points 1000
Day 3: Saint Quartz 3 + Friend Points 1000
Day 4: Saint Quartz 4 + Friend Points 1000
Day 5: Saint Quartz 5 + Friend Points 1000
Day 6: Saint Quartz 6 + Friend Points 1000
Day 7: Saint Quartz 7 + Friend Points 1000

Advance through the game to get “Quest Clear Reward!”

Completing Tutorial: Receive 2 Saint Quartz
Completing Prologue: Receive 10 Saint Quartz
By completing all of the conditions listed above,
you can receive a total of 40 Saint Quartz!
When you complete each condition, a reward will be sent to your Present Box.

* Details of this campaign may change.
Prior notice will be issued before the change is implemented.