07-06 UTC
[Ended] Power up your Servants! AP Cost 1/2 & Super Success Rate x2 Campaign



Starting 07-06 4:00 UTC, the AP Cost for Daily Quests will be 1/2. Also, when enhancing Servants and Craft Essences, the chance for Super Success (Double EXP), and Great Success (Triple EXP) will be doubled.

Campaign Period:
2017-07-06 4:00 - 07-20 3:59 UTC

Campaign Summary:
AP Costs for the Daily Quests that appear in Chaldea Gate will be 1/2 for a limited time.
When you defeat enemies during Daily Quests, you can obtain EXP cards and the QP necessary for enhancing Servants of each class.

In addition, Super Success (Double EXP) and Great Success (Triple EXP) rates will be doubled when you enhance your Servants and Craft Essences within the Campaign Period.

* Warnings
・Clear rewards can only be claimed once per quest.
・If a Clear Reward has already been claimed on a quest, there won't be a clear reward after finishing that quest.
・Each quest can be repeated multiple times.

Thank you for your continuous support of "Fate/Grand Order."