07-11 UTC
[Ended] Celebrating 66,666 Likes on Facebook! Part2


"The Oldest King of Heroes" has finally graced "Fate/Grand Order."

Thanks to everyone's support, the "Celebrating 66,666 Likes on Facebook!" has started!
Here's a big surprise from the King of Heroes himself!
During the Campaign Period, you can receive up to 7 Summon Tickets when you log in for 7 consecutive days.
Claiming all the prizes is equivalent to 7 Rare Saint Quartz Summons.

Distribution Period:
2017-07-13 04:00 - 07-20 03:59 UTC
* The first login bonus will be given out after 07-13 04:00.
* The next login bonuses will be given out at 4:00 each day.
* The login bonuses can be claimed up to 7 times. However, depending on the time you start the game, that number may change.

Number of Logins Gift Details
1st Login 1 Summon Ticket, 3 Million QP
2nd Login 1 Summon Ticket, 10,000 Friend Points
3rd Login 1 Summon Ticket, 10 ALL ★4 (SR) Blaze of Wisdom
4th Login 1 Summon Ticket, 5 Heroic Crystal: Sun Fou ALL★3 (ATK)
5th Login 1 Summon Ticket, 5 Heroic Crystal: Star Fou ALL★3 (HP)
6th Login 1 Summon Ticket, 5 Golden Fruits
7th Login 1 Summon Ticket, 50 Mana Prisms