10-10 UTC
[Ended] Daily Quest "Ember Gathering" AP Cost 1/2 Campaign!

AP Costs for the "Ember Gathering" Daily Quests that appear in Chaldea Gate will be 1/2 for a limited time.
Use this chance to strengthen your Servants, and tackle all kinds of quests!

"Ember Gathering" AP Cost 1/2 Period:
2017-10-10 4:00 - 10-17 3:59 UTC

[Regarding the difficulty of each Daily Quest]

Difficulty Recommended Lvl AP Cost Clear Reward
Novice 5 10→5 Mana Prism x1
Intermediate 10 20→10 Mana Prism x2
Advanced 25 30→15 Mana Prism x3
Expert 40 40→20 Mana Prism x4

* Clear rewards (Mana Prisms) can only be claimed once when clearing the quest for the first time.
Clear rewards reset each day. Complete the quest each day to obtain Mana Prisms!

How to clear Daily Quests:
Form your parties based on the quest's enemy tendency, and try to clear all the Daily Quests!

Thank you for your continuous support of "Fate/Grand Order."